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UK Dyson Refractories - April 2015

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Visited with hamtagger & Session9, good to meet you guys :)

I wasn't going to post a report, but I figure I got enough pics, though I didn't actually take any of the buildings, oops. Hopefully hamtagger will post some pics too so you can see what the site itself looks like...

History, (nicked from proj3ctm4yh3m's site) :eek:

Founded by John Dyson who began mining clay and making bricks in the early 1800s and from its inception the business prospered. The 1834 Sheffield trade directory lists – “John Dyson – Brick Maker, Stannington” which indicates that he ran the business on his own. However, by 1838 the business was listed as “John Dyson and Son – Black clay miners and firebrick manufacturers, Griffs House, Stannington. The son referred to was John his eldest son

Dyson’s were manufacturers of refractory material, ceramics for the steel industry, they also produce firebacks and other household ceramic bricks for the likes of Agas etc. They have also been know to sell clay for use in well dressings

Looking battered, not sure if the big collapsed building was like that last year, & pretty sure the chimney didn't just say "_yson" in the last report I saw. All a bit manky, but the odd nice bit.










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Damn that was quick, i'm still picking the asbestos off me haha.

Nice set of pictures there mate! Was a good day, nice to meet you bud :thumb

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Ah, I thought the name on the chimney was complete when I'd seen it before. I'm tempted to Photoshop it :)

That's another Sheffield graffiti artist name I've learned this week, along with Coloquix. Got another Colorati piece elsewhere in Sheff today too..


Pug Life :D

...along with some Coloquix that I've seen pictures of before...


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Was a good day SK, always good to meet new people and put a face to the name isn't it :)

Bumped into another "team" of explorers yesterday too and told them to get their asses on OS :D

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I need more abandoned industry to get my eye in to derpy building photos, all I was seeing that was worth a pic were the small details. I could probably spend a while in the dark there getting long exposure shots though, I wasn't expecting the one I posted to work, if I thought it would I'd have tried more.

Rather amusing with the other lot, at Dyson's the only time I seemed to see any of them we met at corners & made each other jump :D

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Nicely done, also love seeing Colorarti's stuff, you can do the green bottle challenge at Cannon brewery if you're feeling inspired :D

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Yeah I was chuffed to find the plant room with the switches & gauges :D

I haven't been to Cannon Brewery yet, I'm waiting 'til I've got company, it's on the edge of a very dodgy area. What's the green bottle challenge?!?

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