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The Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow is due to shut this year due to the opening of the new Southern General Hospital. I was wondering if anyone knew how it takes them to fully secca these places up, and if I'd have a chance to get a wee mooch around? ;)

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Hi mate, it'll depend on the future plans for the place at a guess. Ie. if it's been bought by a developer for millions of squid then they're likely to shut the place down quite quickly and secca the place up to preserve their financial interest in the place. If it's just closing with no concrete plans for the site then secca is less likely for the time being. Secca or not, it's always best to keep an eye on the place and no amount of internet research can beat physically rocking up at a place and just having a look :)

Would be cool to see some shots from here, it's a grand looking building. Good luck mate! :thumb

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At a glance thats one Hospital that seams to have a terrible reputation.

I see the A&E closed its doors as of this morning in the usual phased closure.

All NHS properties have a good level of CCTV coverage as is policy and no doubt to some degree they will utilize.

As to what degree they will be manned is another matter?

Lets hope some manage to sneak a peak :D

Cool heads up mattkasp_er :thumb

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I'll definitely keep an eye on it! Been following the forum for a while now, but because I live in Glasgow without a car going to find anything has been difficult! Only found derped out places back home in Argyll. Poltalloch House out there is gorgeous but doesn't even have a floor in most places! If I find anything I shall report!

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Firstly wow!

I had no idea the vicky was closing, I left Glasgow for Englandshire three years ago. When is the last day of operation?? I will promptly be straight onto wikipedia!

I'm up for explo doon there as soon as its possible, cameras at the ready! Got some memories in there over the years and the wider Battlefield area, Langside college when I was studdying there years ago. And of course many a great night of drinking in the mission, laterly the langside. Sadly now another bloody supermarket...

Will be coming back home to the motherland soon, a look round the vicky would be wicked! :P

Are there many Glasgow based urbanexbos on here?!

Aw the best,


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