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Climbing a mast .....

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    • By Himeiji
      I want to tell a funny story that happened recently in Luxembourg city.
      We decided to climb a crane. When we were at the top, someone spotted us and apparently called police, but we left before they arrived. 
      What happened further. We cleaned our clothes, and after a while decided to go home, but we were too lazy to walk around the district and just passed by the construction site again. I noticed a police car next to the entrance. While driving away, they saw us, stopped and started asking:
      - Were that you who just climbed a crane here?
      - No. That's not us.
      - Are you sure?
      - Yes, we are. 
      After that they let us go)))
      I'd like to write a positive feedback on the work of our police, really) 

    • By -Raz-
      Having seen a few reports from this place a couple years ago and nothing recently me and a pal went over to check it out, we completely winged the trip here didn't have a clue what was derelict and what wasn't due to part of the site being live!
      We even got locked in a courtyard at one point! A return visit is definitely on the cards as I didn't mange barely any of the inside

      Music by: deadmau5 - Avaritia (Dimension bootleg)

    • By -Raz-
      Bobbed in here on the way home after a epic day in south yorkshire

    • By suburbankarma
      This is my first post and I'm aware this place has been covered a few times but not for a while so here goes.
      Set off for St John's Asylum and was highly disappointed that all possible ways in to any of the buildings have recently been reinforced with copious amounts of 6 inch screws. Gutted ! so on with plan 'B' and off we went in search of RAF Stenigot. You can't really miss place, the mast gives it's location away. Parked up and walked to the four now redundant parabolic dishes. Although it didn't make up for the disappointment of St John's we were more than happy with the visit even though we were losing light and fingers due to the cold.
      RAF Stenigot was opened in 1940 as an east coast Chain Home radar station. Stenigot provided long range early warning for raids from Luftflotte V and the northern elements of Luftflotte II along the approaches to Sheffield and Nottingham and the central Midlands.
      After the war, the station remained operational as part of the 'defended area', a line of chain home stations running down the east coast from Flamborough Head in Yorkshire and along the south coast to Portland Bill in Dorset.
      The equipment and buildings were removed in 1996 although the four parabolic dishes can still be seen lying on the ground close to the old chain home receiver block. All the other buildings connected with Ace High, including the police house have been demolished with only the concrete bases remaining to indicate their former positions.
      History brazenly stolen from here:Subterranea Britannica

      Me - just to give some perspective to the size of these things