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Another sad death

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The death of urban explorers is clearly on the increase world wide and gives great cause for concern.

With its increase in popularity we have to exercise more caution out there.

Woman Dies After Fall From Abandoned Grain Elevator

The woman, who was exploring the building with a group of friends, slipped off a ladder on the 10th floor and fell into a metal grain bin 30 feet below.



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    • By Nelly
      Just up the road from the picturesque Dobbs Weir is an overgrown plot of land that I have been driving past for months.
      Behind the brambles is a what looks like a very large collapsing shed, every time I turn my head at it and wonder if there is anything of interest in it.
      Had it been bigger and made of brick then I would have been in like a shot, but this? Is it going to be worth the trek and the scratches??
      It turns out that its called 'Picardy', probably named after the province in Northern France famed for The Battle of the Somme, so I did my normal research and came up with a very sad news paper article about the place
      It would appear that there was a caravan type mobile home in the garden of Picardy, it's not clear whether anybody still lived in the house itself at the time, but going by the dates on some of the stuff inside then I would guess that the house was in such a poor state of repair that it was abandoned and the caravan in the garden became the new home.
      The caravan base is just visible through the sea of stinging nettles
      In September 2010 a planning application for 4 detached houses was rejected by Epping Forest Council

      So, it on with the photos and I'll let you see what you make of the place

      Thanks for looking

    • By schräglage
      A very nice place with a sad past: an abandoned crematorium

    • By Judderman62
      Just looking to get some content on here before I have chance to edit more recent stuff
      and get it up so thought I'd get some stuff that I've posted elsewhere but not here
      for anyone that doesn't know me from other sites.
      Evening Peeps. This was the second port of call for Zero81 and myself on a
      lovely and Sunny Sunday recently.
      I could find no information on this place. On arrival we were greeted by a grey n white
      cat miaowing away at us.
      I've been in some iffy buildings in my time but this place is something else.
      Most rooms the floor has sunk 4-6 inches or more, floors slop in to the middle of the
      room. Door frames are mostly no longer 90 degrees and there are huge cracks in walls and ceilings.
      There are significant holes in floors and ceilings. The place is death on a stick.
      It doe shave some nice fireplaces and the light streaming in made for some nice shots.
      Fooked and deathtrap as it was ...I really like this place.

      Here's a good starter to show the level of damage

      Did I mention the place is a little crooked