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Camera + Tablet = Ideal combo

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So this doesn't directly have something to do with the camera we use,

though recently I bought this kind of tablet-laptop hybrid thing.

I must say it has been quiet useful due it's compactness. We can always check or locations offline and online at GE.

Also, one great advantage it has is the fact you can immediately store photographs to the tablet by either usb or (micro-)sd.

- In case we run low on GB's or we are afraid of getting caught in certain locations. (I can easily take the micro-sd out, they could check my tablet and his camera and will find nothing besides the spare sd that is still in the camera and has only pictures of locations we already stored on our computer before).

While a phone is sometimes pretty annoying and runs out of battery much faster, this is very nice, because it lasts for about 11hours so we don't have dead phones after half a day due to constantly having to check if we're at the right location etc. - and sometimes use it as a flashlight.

(And because it has the keyboard you can look things up faster + your display is protected by it if you accidently hit a wall or something whilst climbing or something like that)

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I messed around with a wifi SD card for a while, & have a wifi/USB hard drive. Once some company gets their shit together with a unified range of stuff like that it'd be ideal, having a decent sized hard drive so as soon as photos get taken they're copied on to there, & photos are visible from any laptop/phone/tablet you happen to have. The hard drive is a battery back up too, so it can charge phones.

They're all different brands & don't work together, so I can browse photos on my camera or hard drive from phone/tab/laptop, but there's no automated copying.

At the moment if I'm going somewhere local I tend to take my skinny laptop & a USB lead, more for bulk checking raw shots for panoramas though, it's a pain in the arse taking 100 shots in a circle & finding one out of focus when it's too late to take another.

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