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UK Abandoned burnt out Diner - A2, Canterbury

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So I've noticed this place on the A2 a couple of times now whilst on the way to Lydden Hill (to watch some drifting :P), and on the way back last Sunday we stopped to check it out. After researching it, turns out it's had a mixture of owners in the past. When it got burnt down though, it was branded "Mickey's Diner". From what the KM says, an angry employee covered the place in petrol and burnt it.. because he got promoted!

Check out the stories here:



I didn't want to go full out photographer here so apologies for the shaky pictures. We were kind of rushing and there were two guys with a broken down Beemer staring at us the whole duration..

Here's the original link to the gallery - unsure if works


Some exterior pictures









Some interior pictures




Dumped old Ford van in the car park



Followed the Flickr tutorial, thanks guys :)

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Crazy how the guy burnt the place down for getting promoted?! :confused::Gulp:

Cheers for posting this anyway mate and if you want to create reports etc to have pictures display on the forum theres a little guide here ....

http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/9014-New-Flickr-Guide-How-to-post-a-report?p=75085#post75085 :D

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Yeah he couldn't deal with all the responsibilities.. xD

Thank you very much for the guide! I shall use that from now on. ;)

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"Hotlink for forums (1)" in their code should work?


**edit - yup

Or remove the [ u r l ] crap [ / u r l ] & just leave in the [ i m g ] picture [ / i m g ].

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it worked

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Nice work on getting sorted and thanks for giving assistance guys as always good to see :thumb

This place looks a bit trashed and bashed but saying that what do you expect from a burnt out diner lol

Thanks for sharing TW1234 :)

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Thanks skeletonkey,

Yeah the place is wrecked, completely empty inside. I just wanted to have a look at it, and it's all happened fairly recently. Planning permission was given for a new restaurant and hotel a couple of years ago and the place is sold, nothings changed so far though..

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