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Tripods; Bags or sling

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Hello everyone,

As im sure youve all noticed, carrying tripods is the bane of any explore. Ladders are usually surrounded by a cage and the damn thing gets stuck, going through small gaps with one is very awkward too.

Ive taken to carrying my with the handle under my arm pit across my chest like a rifle as it seems most natural.

My question is do i bodge together some kind of sling, or do i buy a bag (rather expensive for my tripod)Any thoughts or other ideas?


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I like to transport my tripod in a case (although its been stuck at a mates house since February...) but what I can do with my Manfrotto tripod is simply slip one of the legs over one of the strap parts on my small rucksack and it then is carried flush to my body by my hip, easy to get up ladders and stuff then.

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