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German Facebook group(s) giving away info publicly

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I'm not sure how to feel about this.

For one, starting out in urban exploration is a pain in the ass, since getting people to tell you about locations often requires something to show first, so getting info freely is a huge advantage. There's only so much you can find my research, the gems are usually hard to find. But it limits the audience, because where's a crowd, there's often drama.

On the other hand, I expect people with only a passing interest to suddenly give various locations half assed attempts and potentially draw unwanted attention to the premises. Drawing the interest of owners, that either reinforce the place or amp up security.

I mean, if you really try, you can find plenty of coordinates, if you craft your search queries properly. But that requires some effort and thinking. These groups however either just keep linking galleries and posting the addresses and coordinates, or just plain out offer RAR archives with KMLs.

So if during revisits you find classic places suddenly closed up or secured otherwise, this may be one venue this is coming from.

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Ive had a few messages recently regarding this issue which resulted a two members from the OS facebook page being removed by admins.

We own nothing but as best we can we have to do the best we can in what we feel is right.

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