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Gasometer Hudds

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(Quality is a lot better if you press hd)

Was going to post some pictures but nothing that wont have been seen in matt's report so just thought I would post this

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    • By The_Raw
      These three redundant gasholder frames are all that remain of the once extensive South Metropolitan Gas Company works on Old Kent Road.

      I climbed this in the early hours after a long night of doing other stuff with Elliot5200 and Gabe, and a friend who stayed at the bottom for this one. We nearly sacked it off as the weather conditions were deteriorating and broad daylight was already upon us, but nevertheless we found ourselves at the bottom looking up and had to go for it. I noticed the previous day that the security hut had been partially boarded up and had signs of squatter's dirty laundry inside which I took as a good sign for the current status of the 2 gas holders that sit directly behind it.
      Here's some history: In 1829, the South Metropolitan Gas Company was formed and selected a site for works adjoining the Grand Surrey Canal on the eastern side of Old Kent Rd. The works were completed by 1833 and the company's offices added in 1834. Barges were acquired to bring in coal and by 1856 there were seven gasholders on the site. The works was rebuilt around that time further east along Old Kent Road where the gas holders currently still stand, both date back to the 1870s.
      I was unable to find out how long these have been redundant for, at least I hope they were redundant...there was quite a strong smell of gas coming from below.....

      A World War 2 bomb was found at the site of the main gas holder in the 1950s as shown below.

      Onto my pics, all handheld with shaky hands but came out pretty well considering! This shot was taken the previous day with my phone.

      Access was pretty straight forward so we left our bags at the bottom and began our ascent up the first of five ladders. This was my first gasometer and straight away I felt particularly nervous about there being no cage around the ladder for protection, just a sheer drop all the way down.

      It got more intense towards the top, not helped by the several beers that we'd drunk beforehand although I may not have made it onto the ladder without those....

      We got to the top, soaked up the views for a few minutes and took some snaps, the weather vane was a nice feature up there and there was a walkway around the top but we could feel the rain starting so it made sense to get back down quickly.

      I felt pretty proud of myself once I'd reached the bottom, I know these aren't difficult for a lot of people but it put my fear of heights to the test more than anywhere I've been so far. Now that I've looked back at my photos I'm keen to see more of these beasts before they all disappear from our landscape. Anyway, thanks for taking a look
    • By bob2014
      Me and Jimmy met up on 27th for a bimble around HAA huddersfield, and then the plan was to drive into sheffield to do canon brewery. We decided to meet at costa at half 9 but due to traffic was more like 1015 so drove upto HAA hudds, after about 20 minutes walking the wrong was turned around and parked in a cemetery across the road from the site, we agreed an hour would be enough time to explore and have a good mooch around (is that even a word if so how do u spell it), 2 hours later we were still their not much to see thire was something about the site though in which we enjoyed. quick drive into meadowhall for a subway (the sandwich shop) and then into sheffield for canon brewery, after wlaking around looking for access it was impossiable without climbing and making it blatently obvious what we was doing, so we crossed the road and went to the printing press but deceided against that one due to the same cop car driving past a good few times
      off to the Ski Village now and just as we got thier cop car pulled up asked us what we was doing (bullshit excuse time and a natter to the cops) and off on our way so all in all a good day out but not as much as we could have done
      DSC_0239 by kieronyoung, on Flickr
      DSC_0221 by kieronyoung, on Flickr
      DSC_0215 by kieronyoung, on Flickr
      DSC_0205 by kieronyoung, on Flickr
      rest of set here
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157641632339183/