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BBC looks at our old cinemas

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Its nice that occasionally older stuff that involves our heritage is brought to the attention of the public by the media.

Obviously this can be very, very bad for our community and certain media establishments don't deserve the light of day (I quote SKs signature..)

This is quite a good article from the BBC on our old cinemas being demolished. It shows plainly that these places are obviously being knocked down in favour of modernisation, and losing the cost of expensive old building upkeep.

Do you know of a cinema that is set for the bulldozer that isn't here? some of them have fantastic looking facades and just oddest deserve to go!

It also shows that some ARE kept well alive, and not revamped to look snazzier which is great.

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Some of the old Cinemas and theaters are nothing short of classic and artistic in their design.

They are all part of our architectural past and history

Its a shame to see so many demolished after developers let fall into such states of disrepair to the point demolition is the only option available listed building or not.

How they get away with it is despicable and nothing short of back handers to council officials and further investment promised in the areas they reside over.

Its reached the point where pressure groups set up by locals and others concerned have to petition and fight for them.

Developers and councils did the same deals with all the old Victorian Swimming baths of which so few are now left.

You have the National Heritage who against developers are a toothless hags, but if you have an individual trying to restore a property and save it they are all over them with red tape and bullshit.

You cant save every old building and stop progress and who would want too, just some are special and worth saving.

Theres some very good property developers that are very professional and sympathetic to the structures they work on and pass the cost on to the purchaser who do so as the property has character,charm and history.

Others look at it differently and look at the best way to work around a structures listed status and bring it down.

They achieve normally by lets keep changing the plans submitted and do so slowly as over the years the lead will be stripped from the roof and open to the elements, there will be fires and only happy when there's a rotting teetering shell beyond saving.

Then they serve up their sugar coated master plan they always had in the first place and is accepted without question.

Cynical :o Who me lol

Plus I cant even remember the last time I went to a cinema and watched a film as all have been derelict :P

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