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Littlemore Asylum Swimming Pool, Oxford - June 2015

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Built in 1846, Oxford's largest asylum, Littlemore Hospital was converted into a stunning complex of apartments and small businesses soon after its closure and sale in 1996.

Thankfully; almost all the buildings were retained because as an asylum go, it was unusual both in layout and architectural style. Similarly to Fairmile the buildings were constructed to a linear corridor-plan, but the main building was a highly unusual elongated 'H' shape with the admin section forming the crossbar.

Nothing is derelict here, except for this much later swimming pool, nestled amongst shrubbery and trees. Its a fibreglass on steel construction and makes for an ok-ish mooch for 20 mins. It aint winning any awards but its fine for wander.

Visited with my girlfriend and Mookster in June 2015.









More of this derpy derp at:


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