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UK Mesnes Air Raid Shelters, Wigan - July 2015

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During the Second World War, Wigan was a target for the Nazi bombing raids, due to a munitions factory in Beech Hill and a Steel Mill/Iron works located near Mesnes Park. A collection of tunnels and Air Raid shelters were built under the park and remain there today. These were built to house the workers and local residents and were big enough to hold a couple of hundred people.

2 local Students were campaigning to try & get the Shelters preserved but the Developers of the Pagefield Buildings have scuppered any preservation plans as the foundations for the new development encompass the land occupied by the shelters.

Solo mooch after a weekend in the Manchester area. Credit to Coolboyslim for the info, (especially as i criticized his pics from here previously ...sorry mate :) Although he did have me wandering about the wrong area for a while ;) although it allowed me to see lots of interesting local Wildlife :eek: on the way in & on the way out.

It was a hasty exit as a gang of youths were fucking about on the entry point & the last thing i want is to be cornered somewhere in the dark with my gear while God knows whats going on at the only exit point!

As i was very tired i found it quite disorientating as it"s all very similar as you"d expect & as all the exit signs lead to blockages i ended up being a headless chicken for a while trying to remember what piles of rust were in which corridor was not my forte lol

Unfortunately very little of the original features remain inside as you"d expect for it"s age and the amount of traffic it"s had. All in all though a nice little mooch. Always a pain having highly reflective concrete with very dark floor :(













Leaking White powder from a rusty drum








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Nicely shot mate, still a few interesting rusty items in there by the looks of it. Got to love the history behind these old shelters and that's what makes them that bit more special :thumb

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Good set of images mate, I also did this one solo and I wasn't keen on the one way in and out hahaha

Cheers mate. i didn"t mind that too much just not keen on getting done over, popping my head out like a Meercat lol

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Glad you enjoyed it. People should learn a lot from the lightning in these pics. Shows how good pics can be with good lighting and practice. Good stuff m8ty.

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Nicely shot mate, still a few interesting rusty items in there by the looks of it. Got to love the history behind these old shelters and that's what makes them that bit more special :thumb

Cheers mate. yeah limited junk unfortunately. none of the original benches survive intact. Although it does make you wonder whats in the filled in sections.

Small by comparison to what you"re used too

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