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Cambridge Regional War Room (RSG4) - September 2015

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En route back from RAF Upwood we decided to stop by Cambridge’s Regional War Room, aka RSG4 after developing a somewhat large fascination of bunkers. I was almost not going to bother uploading this due to a lack of pictures and lack of entry at all, however as there are no reports on this place at all anyway here is what I did get along with some history on the place…

The two storey blockhouse is located in its own very secure compound at the rear of the Government offices site in Brooklands Avenue on the outskirts of Cambridge. It is surrounded by a 10ft high fence topped with barbed wire. This bunker was originally built as a regional war room identical to the one at Shirley in Birmingham but had an extension added to it later when it became RSG4.






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No thats cool mate and good to see you had a look :thumb

Always worth a shot ;)

Someones been in there at some point going by the graffiti in that boiler room.

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Certainly worth a look and looks like someone has had a pop at squeezing through that vent in the door already!

Thought about it myself and even for a skinny bugger like me I wouldn't have fit haha...

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    • By anthrax
      Disclaimer: Some of the images displayed in my album contain anti semitic graffiti. I'm not promoting anti semitism here but am only showcasing what's inside this bunker. 
      Today's post is about the exploration of a World War II bunker, that has  been abandoned since approximately 1955, when Austria signed the Declaration of Neutrality. Construction began during the war but because of the siege of the Red Army, the bunker was never finished.
      Nowadays, most of the former exits have been walled off with only one proper entry and exit remaining. Rescuing people trapped in certain areas of the facility would be close to impossible, due to some entrances being filled with stones and mud.
      You imagine bunkers like concrete mazes and even though it looked like one, it was hard to get lost. It was very easy to navigate around even though the tunnels measure about 700m (0.45 miles) in total. Initially, there were around 5 to 7 entrances throughout the whole structure which made it impossible to get lost.
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      Located In Columbus Ohio. Very popular urbex place.
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      Explored with 5 non members
      Im sure everyone knows the history of this place by now so I wont bore you with it

    • By Wevsky
      Right the journey for one of us started here
      This thread caused quite a stir so in true thanet crew style we tagged onto this effort by Obscurity and teamed up for the plotting room..never has it been reported on and after all the fuss and agro from kent history forum and local landowners tbh i dont think any one thought it would be photographed..there was power left on in this plotting room and a pump/dehumidifier left runnng with power cables and lights left abandoned..So be rude not to poke our heads down this kept quiet and allegedly sealed/capped off bit of history..
      Not many pics frm here as to be honest its a plotting room ,just thought we would share

      Nothing particularly ground breaking but something kurg may have started before hostilities that we felt we had to see through
    • By silverainbow
      Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 there are still many features of the site to be seen, I went with the intent of exploring the underground shelter but was unable to find it so second visit planned, I did however find the "Plotting Room" so took a look round inside there instead.
      It looks like it would have been in great condition inside as its possibly the cleanest Ive been in however it has been trashed and most of this looks as though it may have been done in recent years
      On with some pics

      Well worth a look, small inside but interesting none the less