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Hello people at Oblivianstate.

One if your members, Damien Hewetson asked us to show our work here to and not only on the FB page.

US is Lament and myself. Very recently we started a FB page: www.facebook.com/TheCriesofDecay. We share posts with the Oblivionstate FB page.

Well From Holland, we explore since the end of 2014 when we visited Beelitz Heilstatten. The hunger for urbex started there.

We visit a lot in Belgium and Germany(on holidays) and what we can find in Holland.

I will share from our visits on this forum.

I like industrial locations but also small farms/houses and a big love for old sanatoriums or other public health, so in a way all is welcome ;)

Hope you people at Oblivianstate like my contributions.

greets from Strange Artifact (Peter)

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Thanks for signing up Peter (Damien here), always good to see people coming across from the Facebook page as many people don't realise the forum exists! Look forward to some posts :cool:

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Hi Peter and welcome to the forum :) Beelitz must have been a pretty good place to start, it's one of my all time favourite locations :) Look forward to seeing more of your work :)

Regards Ian

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