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    • By Ghostpast
      Beneath a large town in Belgium there is an underground graveyard. Back in the 1800's they realised there wasnt place left to bury the dead, so they went underground.
      Its been closed for many years now, because of the possibility of collapsing. They are started to renovate it by now, but there wont be any people left who actually knows any of the burried people.
      Excuse me for my bad grammar





    • By Timster1973
      Evening all,
      Another set more or less finished. This place has been on my list since I started eurotouring and finally managed this and a good excuse to use the 50mm F1.4
      For those not in the know, this cemetery is the oldest of all the cemeteries in Brussels still in function.
      Very popular among tourists and residents alike it’s often dubbed as the little brother of the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It rose massively in popularity when the Royal family chose the adjacent Notre-Dame de Laeken Church as their burial grounds. Since then it became the final resting place of Belgian’s rich and famous Personalities bringing some outstanding examples of 19th century funerary art. By looking at the titles engraved in the stones one notices profusion of ministers, mayors, advisers, renowned artist or high ranking officers.
      On with some photos

      Cheers for looking in.