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    • By Urbexbandoned
      History - Sorry @Hydro3xploric I stole it from you! 
      Bowman Thompson & Company originally owned the site but was sold in 1900 to Brunner Mond whom with a seven year closure reconstructed the site producing sixty tonnes of soda ash a day. This figure rose to 800 tonnes a day in 1926 with all of the Brunner Mond assets being turned over to ICI.
      Lostock a coal fired powerstation was decommissioned in 2000 when E.ON built there new Combined Heat & Power plant at Winnington, Lostock is due to be flattened for a new Sustainable Energy Plant to be built on the site.
      The explore 
      Firstly thanks to @macc_explore who helped out with this, thanks mate  
      Visited with @hamtagger, it was a bitterly cold day. Minus 4 when we left Lincoln and headed over to Northwich. We had a few other bits to look at in the area but decided to do this first. Parking our car we had a little walk down to where it is. Trying to look like we were just walkers while early morning dog walkers were walking the same path and waiting for that split second to dash through the entry point in to the grounds had our adrenalin going already. 
      As most of you know that actually read my reports, most of the explores with me involved are rarely non eventful and this was no different with a near on hyperthermic experience because it was so bloody cold and mainly because I didn't dress properly for the weather. HT did look after me very well though  Surprisingly easy getting in and started snapping basically. Parts of this place looked like it had been abandoned years which we know it has been but other areas looked like workmen were still using it. Had a good look around, the main turbine hall was real nice. Probably my favourite bit from the whole explore and the dialporn. I do like a nice dial. Everything was going quite well, we had been in there a few hours, walking around casually. No one else in sight at all. Lots of funny noises as I had read about in previous reports so nothing unexpected. Even got to the area where we could look out on to the live section. I really liked it, despite being filled with pigeon shit it had a lot of stuff to take pictures of and was very photogenic. Anyway... we had found the control room, Now I love a control room but this one was stripped of basically 90% which had no appeal to me at all. It was more the machinery, Dials etc that I had gone for. 
      Anyway, on with the pics. 








      1 picture of The live area