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A Sign of the Times

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I love a good sign, or manufacturers makers plate - kinda wish some where on the wall in my shed lol



Punch It by S8, on Flickr



DSC_9995 by S8, on Flickr



DDE_5563 copy by S8, on Flickr



Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester, 2011 by S8, on Flickr



Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester, 2011 by S8, on Flickr



Colliery by S8, on Flickr



RAF Base by S8, on Flickr



RAF Neatishead by S8, on Flickr

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    • By thecrazyfool
      I visited this place twice in 2012. The first time was in the summer and the second in the winter. Like Non Plus Ultra (NPU) which I reported on, this is another abandoned castle. Although not as big as NPU, it still has an air of grandeur about it, especially the big, red room!
      I took loads of pictures here, and I don't think I've fully done the place justice. I tried to keep the numbers of pictures to a limited number but I wanted to capture the feeling of this wonderful place - so sorry in advance if there is an overload in pictures!
      History of the castle is a bit sketchy but as far as I can research it had it’s foundations built in the 1170, being mainly used for military functions and then became a noble house when it was then abandoned.


    • By thecrazyfool
      I visited this place three times in 2012, twice in the summer and once in the winter. All I can say that no one picture can really do justice to the place. Just being there is a jaw-dropping experience.
      It is definitely one of the top explores I have done so far.
      Researching the place, I found that building started in the 17th century. I’ve read that a major hotel chain are going to turn it into a luxury resort starting in 2011, but there were no sign there when I visited. My guess is the recession in Italy and the Euro crisis is impacting development. A part of me is glad as I got to see parts of it but also if it’s a hotel they’ll preserve this beauty.
      Here are the pictures and sorry for the overload of them!