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UK Meet Me Ashore, Dungeness, Visit 2014

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Last year I made a stop here and looked around these abandoned Boats. I really loved this place, very windy but also very peacefull.

I know there is some History about this place, but I don't know why these boats are still lying there. Maybe someone can tell me ;)

























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Dungeness is one of my favourite places to go and visit, I call it my thinking place - I go for long walks there when I've got things on my mind. I hope you went and had a pint and a meal in the pub and climbed the lighthouse. :-)

The old boats are simply the tattered remains of a once thriving fishing industry, along with all the sheds and various other items scattered along the beach. It is a lot clearer along there than it used to be about 5 years or more ago, they have started cleaning up the beach to make it a bit nicer. It's probably the last great wilderness in south east England and personally I love it down there.

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Looks really awesome there and very photogenic. The 'show me your willy' graffiti made me chuckle too :lol:

If you ever fancy a chilled day out somewhere mate, give me a shout and we'll drive down here. It's in the arse end of nowhere, but it's lovely down there and you can see how close to the nuclear powerstation you can get before the armed security come down and have a word with you. It's a fun game.

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Nice pics there, I do quite like old boats like that, and this looks a very peaceful place.

The 'show me your willy' graffiti made me chuckle too :lol:

I hear Maniac wrote that himself :)

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