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Old Warden Railway Tunnel, Bedfordshire Dec 2015

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Not far from Stewartby and in the shadow of the Cardington Airship Hangars is an old, long disused railway line which is home to quite a nice tunnel. I've never done a proper tunnel before in my five and a half years of exploring so it was something new for me and an interesting experience.


The tunnel was built as part of the Midland Railway connecting Bedford and Hitchin and from there to London between 1853 and 1857. Contrary to popular belief the line lost its passenger services before the cuts of Dr. Beeching, they were withdrawn on 1 January 1962 along with goods services between Hitchin and Shefford. Goods services between Shefford and Bedford succumbed to the Beeching Axe on 28 December 1964. Built of blue engineering bricks, the tunnel is ovoid in shape and runs at a very slight gradient to allow drainage; however, it is perfectly straight.

The tunnel has no blast relief ducts, due to its lack of curves and relatively short length, allowing good air passage. Regular niches were cut into the wall to allow maintenance on the permanent way during running hours. Finally, both portals were capped with stone and it covers a total length of 882 yards.







One of these cars was a Ford Fiesta however the other one that has split in two I have no idea.


Thanks for looking as always :)

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This is a bit of a blast from the past, having grown up literally about 5 miles from here I know this well. Back in the day illegal raves used to be held here, I believe that now there is a bat colony and it's protected. 

Still a shit pit though lol

thabks for sharing :thumb 

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I must thank my mate for the lighting, he by pure luck had brought along a small handheld spotlight which he used to great effect. Without that I'd have got dick all from here.

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