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Chateau de Bois / Town Manison (permission visit in 04/2011)

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I do not do often videos, this one (from a permission visit of a belgian town mansion) is from 2011.
The town house was built in 1912 by a German family with eight children. Following the sale of the property in the 60s it served until 1990 as a staff apartment, in the following years it was used by homeless people for shelter. 1996 two Dutch brothers  acquired the castle, but they never lived there.
The neo-Renaissance building has a floor area of 1700m², the surrounding park is 6800m² in size. For the establishment of the castle were used components of other buildings from the 15th-19th Century; so among other things, fireplaces and stained glass windows. Recent renovations were carried out in the 1950s.




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