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  1. shacklerurbex

    Abandoned Church St Pauls Denholme March 2017

    A quick one this but I'm quite happy with how it came out. St. Pauls church was completed in 1849 and shut in 1999. It was (at least in 2008) on the market for the somewhat bargin price of £170,000. Now you dont get the windows with that (they have been auctioned off) you do however get...
  2. plod

    Midland Mills, Bradford, September 2016

    Not a huge amount to say about this place, just wanted to share a few photos. Came here with @Buffalo Explore was pretty straight forward, nothing much left of the place it was still worth a quick visit though.         Thanks for looking  :thumb
  3. degenerate

    Stephenson Brothers Dry Salters - Bradford - September 2015

    Stephenson Bros originally manufactured soap based agents for the processing of wool. In Kelly's Bradford Postal Directory of 1927 the building is listed as the business premises of Messrs Stephenson Brothers Ltd Dry Salters. Some rotten and spongy floors here. Visited with three non-members...
  4. Hydro

    Midland Mills, Bradford - Aug 15

    No history unfortunately, and it will soon be luxury apartments :) Narrowly avoiding death with Raz, Jamie_P & Rott3nWood. The Explore; So we went for a look at the Conditioning House but other than teleportation i couldnt see a way in. So not worth traversing a wall with concreted glass...
  5. Hydro

    Parkam Food Group, Liversedge - Aug 15

    Had last week off work and conveniently so did Raz, so obviously went went on a derp hunt. On this occasion our travels (and my pug) took us to Bradford for what i would describe as a series of catastrophic fail, so on our way back we decided to go the back way in the hope we might stuble...
  6. Hydro

    Dalton Mills, Bradford - May 2015

    Explored with Raz History; Dalton Mills was once the largest textile mill in the region, employing over 2000 workers. It was built by Joseph Craven in 1869, replacing the original mill which was owned by Rachel Leach in the 1780's. The mill was named Dalton Mills after the manager employed...
  7. Mrbeardo

    H Hey and Co. - Bradford - December 2013

    Visited with the usual lot. One of the few big mills that I've yet to do/see in Bradford. The mill suffered from a fire in 2010, the damage you'll see in the pictures, although it was contained to the top floor, the lack of roof is slowly effecting all the other floors.
  8. Mrbeardo

    Ginger jono - Bradford - 2013

    More specifically the flats above this pub which I believe was named after me. Visited with Fudgey wudgey this place hasn't been reported much but is next to YBS as being my favourite roof top in Bradford. Fudge had a blonde moment and forgot his charged battery for his camera Pictures...
  9. jones-y-gog

    Bradford Odeon update (sort of)

    Looks rather interesting although the photos don't really do it justice. There's much better ones elsewhere from 2011. Got to be good news that it may be one small step away from demolition.
  10. Creaven

    a quick hello from bradford

    hi guys im a new member and pretty new to urbexing .. i live in a place called keighley its neer bradford and leeds in west yorkshire always looking for new people to meet up with and go on an adventure :) speak to all soon
  11. Paulpowers

    Bradford Bypass and Pandora - Aug 2013

    BRAP BRAP BRAP SWEET TING I was coming back from Newcastle (the real one not the fake one near Stoke) and needed a break from driving so decided to get a bit moist. Bypass is a massive pipe pretty deep under Bradford with lots of walking for a few redeeming features such as the huge climbs up...
  12. oldskool

    Great Britain Dalton Mills Bradford 03-2011

    A really nice mill with a little hidden jem.The workshop is like a time capsule worth the trip just to see this, a little history.... Dalton Mills was once the largest textile mill in the region, employing over 2000 workers. It was built by Joseph Craven in 1869, replacing the original mill...
  13. Mrbeardo

    Hello from Bradford

    Hello from me, not new to it but on here you may have seen my stuff before but some may have not. Hellooooo