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Great Britain Bletchley Park - March 20

  • 171
  • 6
If you dont know the history of this place you have obviously been asleep for the last 20yr so...
urbex travel

Hungary Kelenföld Power Plant in Budapest - 08/2019

  • 125
  • 5
Last summer we visited Budapest and our main goal was Kelenföld Power Plant - one of the most...

Great Britain Shakespeare County Raceway - Jun 20

  • 94
  • 1
Popped in here with my lad today as its destine not to be here for much longer! Not much to...

Great Britain Lostock Power Station (Feb 2020)

  • 201
  • 4
I was very late to the party on this, in fact the demolition process was (eventually) just...

Germany Deep inside the mountain (05/2020)

  • 219
  • 4
Tin, lead, copper and slate were mined in that area for several centuries, but almost all of...

France Maison notre dame de la Gnôle (visited 06/2019)

  • 180
  • 5
I can't say much about this farmhouse, located on the edge of a French village. Unfortunately, I...

Great Britain Lilford Park Pt 2 - Jun 20

  • 111
  • 3
At the weekend I had the time to do a second visit to this little local & prev unreported...

Germany Coal processing

  • 156
  • 4
The mine began coal mining in 1875 and had been in operation for over 110 years before the shaft...

Germany Lost Coal mining Empire - Mar. 2020

  • 129
  • 2
Alright, this report contains two separate locations which once were the same company. The first...

Great Britain Woolmanhill Hospital - Feb 20

  • 238
  • 5
Woolmanhill Hospital Woolmanhill Hospital was the original Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, before...

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Central Maine Sanatorium (abandoned)
“The Central Maine Sanatorium operated until 1970, when it was closed. It was the State of Maine’s last operating TB hospital” –WCYY

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