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Great Britain Workshop for the blind and disabled, Fenton, November 2019
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Designed and built in the Art Deco style Opening for production in 1934 The workshops for the blind was operated by Stoke-on-Trent City Council supplying products to the pottery industry After a number of loss making years - the works were transfered in 2009 from the City Council to a new owner and renamed 'Stoke Workshop for the Blind and Disabled'. In 2011 the business was closed, half of the workforce was made redundent and the a new business relaunched at the same premises as 'Stoke...
Great Britain Porth Wen, Ynys Mon October 2019
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Porth Wen Brickworks was a Victorian brick factory that produced fire bricks made from quartzite (silica). These bricks were capable of withstanding a higher temperature than usual red house bricks and were mostly needed for the steel industry, to line steel-making furnaces and kilns. Now the site is abandoned and in ruins. The remains of several buildings and some of the machinery can still be seen but some parts of them are heavily damaged from sea erosion.
Great Britain St Austell - Clay thingy?? - Sep 19
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I genuinely have no idea what this place is & dont even know how I found it, but its quite a nice place. I felt like Attenborough at times with the amount of undergrowth I was scrabbling through.
Italy Oculus Tower - Italy - July 2019
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Oculus Tower - Italy 2019 Another adventure from the Euro 19 Derp Tour. We'd had this one on the map for a while and this year we decided to go and check it out. Not knowing if it was even still standing, we were pretty pleased to find it was :). Mel and I went in search of entry whilst Adam and Bigjobs mooched about at the car. Luck was on our side and we found a way over the canal and into the site so went back to grab the others and headed in to explore. Now we had heard rumours of...
Great Britain Derby & Hartley Buildings Liverpool University - July 19
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Been done a few times I know but this is a lovely place. On the live campus this called for an early Sunday morn visit with a non member but we were undisturbed for several hours, despite an alarm constantly sounding. Cant tell u much about this place to be honest, obviously its for some reason no longer required & was for zoological & geological studies. there was numerous books to this effect & crates full of rocks . fossils in the basement. A return visit a few weeks later found the...

Germany Quarry Vanessa - visited 11/2019

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I found this quarry in a rural touristic area of Bavaria. Until 2003 they were mining lime and marl for the local cement plant. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

Belgium Ground Control (Jun. 2019)

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In 1972, the first antenna for space radio was put into operation on this 50-hectare site. Until the mid-90s follow 4 more antennas. The largest had a height of 52m and a diameter of 30m. In 2008, the company sold this section because it had no use for it. After the buyer filed for bankruptcy in 2012, the former owner tries to sell the property which is still in his possession. There are also some functional buildings on the site. Unfortunately, these were not accessible.
France Chateau du Pilote (Nov. 2019)
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A small village located in the vineyards of France. Behind high walls surrounded by vines is this wonderful chateau. In some rooms is still a great facility available. Other rooms confused are empty and impress simply by their presentation.

Great Britain Horsebridge Mill - Aug 19

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The History History on this place is very hazy, its a water powered flour mill that much we know & I did pick this up from one site. The mill was built in 1884; the previous structure was destroyed in a fire reported in the Sussex Advertiser, 30-9-1884. In the early twentieth century a two-sack roller plant was installed. A further fire in 1908 caused damage to the plant. Waterpower was used until 1945; a steam engine was used sparingly. After 1945 the mill relied on electricity. The low...

Great Britain Associated Octel, Amlwch. October 2019

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The Associated Octel factory was built to extract bromine from seawater and turn it into an additive for petrol engines. In 1953 a bromine and DBE production site was built at Amlwch. It was important that the seawater from which the bromine is extracted is as clean as possible, could be replenished with fresh seawater quickly and was warmed by the Gulf S At the time, petrol used in road vehicles contained lead. Engine “knocking” was a common problem, when the mixture of air and fuel...

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Centralia, PA

I’ve heard about this place and that it’s a ghost town where some parts are being baked by a coal fire underground. Can anyone tell me anything else about the place? Is it explorable?
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Philly Dazs RED
Philly Dazs RED
Not really a ghost t town. All the houses have been bulldozed. I was there a year ago, there is almost zero buildings there now, however the the streets are still there with sidewalks the old highway is abandoned an is one giant Graffiti mural, there no more smoke coming from the cracks but worth going and getting pictures of. I am planning a revisit with me and my RED Crew from Philadelphia.
Dubbed Navigator
Dubbed Navigator
Best chuck this up in free discussion, this isn't as visible.
I recently explored an abandoned telecom building. After recording I did some research on the place to make the video more interesting. It was REALLY cool to look into the past of the place and learn about it. I’d been riding and more recently driving past the place since I can remember and it was just the old mysterious brick building in the marsh. More in next post.
From the early 30’s when it was built up until the mid 90’s it was a radio com hub for blue water and coast wide shipping for the entire eastern seaboard! Out in the marsh surrounding the place, though they have recently been removed there were sum 500 antennas that helped to carry signal to the town of Seaside, NJ just across the bay.

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