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Hi shotblasting and welcome to OS!

Great to see someone joining from a country we have little posts to no posts from.
It would be great to hear more about yourself, so if you fancy it post an introductory post on the designated forum section.

Take your time enjoy the forum and by all means interact with anything and anyone it is a great way to start.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Hi there and a late welcome to OS from myself!

Hope you're doing well. If you fancy starting out on the forum then an intro post is a great way to start. Even better if you've explored some places and fancy writing a report, go ahead. If you need any pointers for either of these posts, let me know!
Hi and welcome to OS! Nice to see someone from a lesser well documented area of the world joining.

I'm sure we would all like to see some pics and know a little bit more about your exploring history in Australia! Feel free to throw some posts up and if you run into any problems don't hesitate to ask!