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Italy Cotonificio C - Aug. 2019

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History: In 1830 a textile tycoon from Milan decided to build a new facility in which was back then a small village. From there on the factory ran smoothly and kept expanding over the years, until the first world war, at this time the facility was closed due to a lack of resources, luckily after the war the factory was pretty much unscaveld. What also came was the start of the worldwide export of textile from this factory, this seemed to be very profitable, so in the 1930s nearly all of the...

Great Britain Charles Wicksteed's House

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Charles Wicksteed is an well known name in Kettering, he was as an inventor and engineer who moved to Kettering as a Steam Ploughing contractor who set up an engineering company. After the war he primarily designed and built play equipment, often using bits and pieces from his engineering business, and creating swings and slides to thrill young and old alike. This business grew, eventually exporting play equipment to over 80 countries around the world . Charles purchased land in 1913 & in...
The Excursionists

Great Britain Mossley Manor Care Home - Liverpool - Sept 19

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Mossley Manor Care Home I'd only found the photos and footage of this spot less than a week ago. I was happy to find it but expected that what we had got on the day over 4 months ago wasn't going to be the best it could have been, but to my surprise the shoot and video came out pretty well. Mossley Manor was a care home for the elderly that closed in 2015. The site had two inspections take place in the years before it closed down. One occurred in 2013 where an improvement notice was issued...

Just asking

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Hi I’m just wondering if Anyone has been to Benenden Hospital re

Great Britain Ferodo Caernarfon January 2020

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Ferodo was a major employer on the edge of Caernarfon, Gwynedd in North Wales, manufacturing brake parts for the motoring industry At one point it employed aound 1000 workers but the workforce reduced over the years because of foreign outsourcing of car parts. The TGWU worked harmoniously with Ferodo, even during the turbulence of the 1970s. An American, Craig Smith, bought the factory in 1997 (renamed Friction Dynamics Ltd) and made changes to working conditions to make the company more...

Great Britain Hearts head December 2019

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Hartshead Power Station was a coal-fired power station situated at Heyrod, Greater Manchester in North West England. Preparations for a power station at Heyrod began in 1916 when 26 acres of land were purchased. The station was opened in 1926 by the Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Transport and Electricity Board. The cooling towers were constructed in the 1940s. Coal was delivered to the plant at Millbrook railway sidings on the Micklehurst Line, situated on the opposite side of...

Great Britain The bungalow, Devon. January 2020

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This actually is called the bungalow on the title deeds, I would guess that when the tenant died there were no family to claim the contents and now that the lord of the manor has shuttled off his mortal coil it has been forgotten about. Some interesting grot and stuff just decaying.

Great Britain The tin house Cornwall January 2020

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This was a drive past, so have no clue as to its real name or actual location. No history nothing. I’m told that corrugated sheeting is known locally as “Cornish thatch”. quaint.

Great Britain Tin cottage, Cornwall January 2020

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This was a drive past, so have no clue as to its real name or actual location. No history nothing. I’m told that corrugated sheeting is known locally as “Cornish thatch”. quaint.

Great Britain National shire horse centre Devon. January 2020

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not sure if this has Security on site or just workmen but whilst in the big shed there were voices coming from the shed opposite. Most of the buildings are either locked or boarded up. The site was originally part of a working farm since the late 1800s. Tony Flower – who died in 1997 at the age of 68 after a two-year battle against cancer – established the National Shire Horse Centre in 1978 and quickly built it up into one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region, visited by...

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Centralia, PA

I’ve heard about this place and that it’s a ghost town where some parts are being baked by a coal fire underground. Can anyone tell me anything else about the place? Is it explorable?
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Philly Dazs RED
Philly Dazs RED
Not really a ghost t town. All the houses have been bulldozed. I was there a year ago, there is almost zero buildings there now, however the the streets are still there with sidewalks the old highway is abandoned an is one giant Graffiti mural, there no more smoke coming from the cracks but worth going and getting pictures of. I am planning a revisit with me and my RED Crew from Philadelphia.
Dubbed Navigator
Dubbed Navigator
Best chuck this up in free discussion, this isn't as visible.
I recently explored an abandoned telecom building. After recording I did some research on the place to make the video more interesting. It was REALLY cool to look into the past of the place and learn about it. I’d been riding and more recently driving past the place since I can remember and it was just the old mysterious brick building in the marsh. More in next post.
From the early 30’s when it was built up until the mid 90’s it was a radio com hub for blue water and coast wide shipping for the entire eastern seaboard! Out in the marsh surrounding the place, though they have recently been removed there were sum 500 antennas that helped to carry signal to the town of Seaside, NJ just across the bay.

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