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Centralia, PA

I’ve heard about this place and that it’s a ghost town where some parts are being baked by a coal fire underground. Can anyone tell me anything else about the place? Is it explorable?
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Philly Dazs RED
Philly Dazs RED
Not really a ghost t town. All the houses have been bulldozed. I was there a year ago, there is almost zero buildings there now, however the the streets are still there with sidewalks the old highway is abandoned an is one giant Graffiti mural, there no more smoke coming from the cracks but worth going and getting pictures of. I am planning a revisit with me and my RED Crew from Philadelphia.
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Best chuck this up in free discussion, this isn't as visible.
I recently explored an abandoned telecom building. After recording I did some research on the place to make the video more interesting. It was REALLY cool to look into the past of the place and learn about it. I’d been riding and more recently driving past the place since I can remember and it was just the old mysterious brick building in the marsh. More in next post.
From the early 30’s when it was built up until the mid 90’s it was a radio com hub for blue water and coast wide shipping for the entire eastern seaboard! Out in the marsh surrounding the place, though they have recently been removed there were sum 500 antennas that helped to carry signal to the town of Seaside, NJ just across the bay.

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