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cave clan

  1. Doug

    1900 Australian Bush School & Bush Fire Bunker

    A couple of days ago I went up into a local forest to search for a tiny old school. There are no location details online so it kind of was like looking for a needle in a haystack so finding something was better than nothing at all ;)   No, the music isn't from Psycho :)
  2. Doug

    Cave Clan Media YouTube Page Update

    Just an update to you ObStarorz that over the last year I have converted a heap of Cave Clan radio interviews as well as the 2017 ABC Cave Clan documentary. The radio interviews might be a bit slow unless you have a connection to The Cave Clan or you're interested in Australian urbex history...
  3. Doug

    Urbexers build AND use a raft

    Made by a bunch of Melbourne Cave Clan members and used by even more Melbourne Cave Clan members. It was so much fun. Definitely worth doing on a waterway near you :) It's a bit epic, but maybe someone out there will enjoy a look.
  4. Doug

    Abandoned Boy's Home

  5. Doug

    What I do during my lunch break

    A one-minute insight into my lunch break.
  6. Doug

    This is how we drain in Melbourne!

    I just put this one together tonight. It's 12 minutes long and is shot in drains (turns around to see auditorium doors swinging shut as last urbexer flees), but hopefully someone watching gets something out of it. WARNING! It's probably not the greatest representation of urbex and it does...
  7. Doug

    Cave Clan on iView

    An ad for a recent interview we did. Unfortunately due to copyright it's probably only viewable in Australia, however I just thought I'd chuck it on here in case any of you visit Australia in the future or that you may know a way around it (or for...
  8. Doug

    Cave Clan Pranks Radio Station in 1991

    Back when you were allowed to be a silly urbex drain explorer. The first call is old school Clan member Wes using the name of founding Clan member Woody. If you have it loud enough you can hear Wes still rambling on even though she has muted him. You may find it hard to believe, but Charley's...
  9. Doug

    Cave Clan turns 30

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