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  1. Andy

    Italy Le tombe del cimitero L. (07/2018)

    I discovered this beautiful cemetery during planning my last trip to Italy this summer. Our accommodation was nearby, so we visited the cemetery. In addition to beautiful statues, I also found several old tombs there, which partly seemingly fell into oblivion and are no longer maintained...
  2. Satori

    Italy Villa del Calice

    Built in the early 1700s, and modified during the 1800s, the external stables have recently collapsed.
  3. Ghost-Scooter

    Italy Villa amante del sole - 08/2017

    There wasn't much to see at Villa amante del sole but I really love its architecture. Built in the 1930s the whole building was able to rotatet 360 degrees - following the sun. Unfortunately I couldn't visit the whole surrounding of the villa as I felt not to be alone. #1 DSC07902 by...
  4. Luciano del Cocko

    Luciano del Cocko (PorkyPig) is in the House ...

    Hi, I am Luc De Cock (Luciano del Cocko for the friends ;) ) Living in Belgium - Antwerp - 46 years old. Busy now for three year's to explore decay & hidden locations all over Europe. Gear: Nikon D800 - 14-24mm f/2,8 - 35-135mm - all lot of other glass work. Love Italy to explore, the...

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