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farm house

  1. Bu&Yo

    Great Britain KINGSFORD FARM, ESSEX, MARCH 2021

    Good evening lads & lasses, We bumped into a little jewel again on the way back from our working trip. Could not really find anything online about this one but eitherway: The house speaks for itself! One of hose where you still get some goosebumps from the scent of history in the air... Last...
  2. Fekneejit

    Derpyshire Farmhouse

    A day out in the countryside, thanks for @hamtagger & @Urbexbandoned for the info :)   Built in 1875, photo above from 1905, it was the farm house for a 97 acre dairy farm, on a large estate in the Peaks.  Tiny little place, but some lovely stuff there.  Will be going back when...
  3. zeroUE

    Old McDonalds Farm (November 2013)

    Old McDonalds Farm, visited with Banshee, nice to meet you at last! Well.... what to say about this place.... it's an old farm and attached house and it's somewhere that for whatever reason hasn't really been explored in the past, despite being connected to a well known location and no doubt...