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  1. Jesus

    South Forelands #1 and Oil Mills West, March '13

    Now then. Recently Maniac, Frosty and I went out for a spot of Dover derping and this is "wot we done" ;) South trollands #1: Troll mills west: Thanks to the guys for an entertaining evening out, and thanks to you for looking in, R. Jewson
  2. Maniac

    South Forelands deep shelter 1, March 2013

    There's loads of these dotted around the Dover area. This one is one of the better ones in my opinion, and is one of the least reported so it would seem, mainly because it can be tricky to find if you don't know where it is (where as some of the others are easy to just stumble across) They were...
  3. Wevsky

    South Forelands and Archcliffe galleries 2010

    Right the evening was arranged by Obscurity and myslef Frosty Mr Fro joined him for a wander round southforelands ,the original plan being to visit both shelters both plotting rooms and the 4 magazines,as it happens we did the first set and decided to go elsewhere!headed onto oil mills west...