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  1. SouthCoastUrbex

    Exploring Abandoned Nightclub with Bank Vaults - Southampton - August 2018

    Hi all! Another from us, this time an abandoned Nightclub which has huge bank vaults in the 2 separate basements! Enjoy :) HISTORY: So the building itself was built around 1940 and was designed for the bank of England. The site itself is built with 2 separate basements with one of them being a...
  2. SouthCoastUrbex

    Pilgrim House - Southampton - May 2018

    Hi all, we are back already with another video! This time we had been tipped off of an abandoned Chinese resturant in Southampton and what an explore it was! It turns out that everything had been left behind although the place being slightly trashed. I couldn't find to much in regards to...
  3. TheVampiricSquid

    Hello from Southampton!

    Hey Guys! I live in Southampton, done a little bit of urbex before and have a few reports i'll whack up. Got a long list of places to visit so it would be cool to meet up with some people - drop me a message or something if you're interested! :D Thanks!