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  1. SpiderMonkey

    Hospital SC - 2015

    Hi all, slowly getting on my Italy reports :) Visited this one early morning nearing the end of the Italy tour with Behind Closed Doors, Kriegaffe and PROJ3CT M4YH3M. This isn't really a bad hospital :) Fairly trashed but still plenty of equipment remaining, there was huge mountain of...
  2. SpiderMonkey

    Carol's Place

    Just one of the locations on the second day of the Smelly Sheep weekend (name decided by AndyK!). ;) Really enjoyed this one, been wanting to see it for a long time, sure some things have gone missing over time the the carpets and the furniture but this place still holds enough features to be...
  3. The_Raw

    La Maison de Marbre - Beziers, south of France - March 2014

    I spent a week visiting my brother in a town called Béziers in the south of France and decided to see if there were any spots to explore. My research didn't come up with much so I just showed up hoping I might spot something worthwhile. It turns out one in every four buildings in Béziers is...