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  1. Digitalλftermath

    Great Britain Debenhams, Wiltshire, 22 Nov 2022

    Simple walk around the empty shop floors. Enjoy and thanks for looking View from the roof
  2. AndyK!

    RAF Coningsby Remote Weapons Store, Lincolnshire - February 2019

    On my way home from an overnight explore down south, it seemed a shame to waste the beautiful summer-like days we were having in mid-February, so I decided to stop off at RAF Coningsby's old weapons storage facility. It's not all that far from where I live, and I'd been meaning to take a look...
  3. Andy

    RAF Coningsby Weapons Store (visited 09/2018) - pic heavy

    RAF Coningsby is a partially active RAF base and was opened in 1940 as a bomber station. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find more about the history of this place. So I don't know when the abandoned part has been closed.   Stupidly I had forgotten the plate of my tripod at home. That's why I had to...
  4. Landie_Man

    RAF Bicester Bomb Store – June 2014

    RAF Bicester Bomb Store – June 2014 Visited back in June with TBM, many delays have held me back lately sadly. #1 Bomb Stores #2 #3 Fuse Hut/Nissen Hut #4 #5 Bit derpy but lots of wartime history
  5. The Elusive

    Bomb store, (Visited June 14)

    This place has been on the list and put off again and again; obviosuly the tunnel sections have been sealed but the rest was accessible, Visted with Northern Geek and 2 other explorers... Background Following the apparent success of the design employed at Harpur Hill in Derbyshire, the air...
  6. Rik

    Local MFI Store, Hertfordshire -Jan 2013

    Little disappointed with the selection! Now I know its not very exciting, but thought I would share anyway! (apologies for quality of photographs still stuck with damn mobile) :)
  7. Nelly

    Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Dep Store - Woolwich 2012

    Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Department Store, Woolwich Out for a mornings Splore with Skeleton Key and Ninja Kitten and had a quick meet with UrbanX and Priority 7 The Woolwich Co-op is one of those places where you think to yourself "Should I bother setting my camera up?", it's...
  8. superwide

    Unknown use, store rooms/old bunker? Hythe, Kent 2009

    I have looked at a set of doors in a wall, in a car park, near my brothers flat. Every time I saw them I could not help bus wonder what lays behind. Well now I know,thanks to the fact my brother went to his car one morning and found the open door above. So in he went camera phone in hand and...
  9. vanishing days

    Underground Store - Dover - 2008

    MIss vd found this one not quite sure on what it is maybe a store of some form if anyone could shed some light on it please do my personal fav
  10. SuZyQue

    Great Britain WW2 Ammunition store - Ramsgate - Jan 07 Report.

    Visited this place with Lynton, Miss CSI, and SteAlTh last year, it has now been sealed up, but a interesting little explore, Enjoy the pics.My camera wasn't the best then, had a cheap old argos number, the others have better ones. The tiny hole we squeezed through. Lots of old bottles...