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  1. The Urban Collective

    Camelot Theme Park - Feb 2018 - Video Report - Charnock Richard - Chorley

    Hey, guys here's my video report on the #post-apocalyptic #Camelot #ThemePark. I've already made a photographic report with a full history etc so I won't bore you with that here as it is featured in the footage. Thanks for any feedback guys take it, easy man.  PEACE The Urban Collective We...
  2. The Urban Collective

    Camelot Theme park - Photographic Report - Feb 2018

    CAMELOT - Theme Park - Photographic Report - Feb 2018 This abandoned resort and theme park is located in the English county of Lancashire. The park's theme was based on the well-known story of King Arthur and the Knights of the roundtable After numerous takeovers, the theme park was purchased...
  3. coolboyslim

    Loudon Castle And Theme Park,Ayrshire - Sep 2014

    Info few friends and i went here and pics are awesome and deserve to be seen.Secca was there a lot and avoiding was fun. But up until leaving all was fine then spotted by little red van but lucky us we where already out. Amazing place and way better than camelot lol. Pics by dave bear on his...
  4. DugieUK

    Camelot Theme Park, June 2015

    Camelot Theme Park Visited with: This was a solo explore. Visit date: June 2015 Please Note: Entry is always through an open access point and not by forcing our way in….. We are explorers, not vandals. History Camelot opened in 1983 and was operating seasonally until late 2012. The park...
  5. SigloV

    Laudoun Castle Theme Park, Scotland - 2014

    So, after discovering a thread I convinced my camera club that Loudon would be worth a wee visit. We set off this evening to explore and take some photos. Remarkably easy to get in, despite the big gate - it was just a matter of walking around the outside of the gate and then up to driveway to...
  6. Mrbeardo

    Cameltoe theme park - Chorley -(Visted 2012) -2013

    201 Ok so I thought my previous report was going to be my last but I thought why not put some old ones up to just continue contributing etc. Visited last november on a very chilly night, within weeks of news it was to close.
  7. sonyes

    Camelot Theme Park - May 2013

    Absolutely loved this place, and had to get it done before it was totally gone. A nice relaxed mooch, well until I spotted the police from the very top of Knightmare!! cue running!!!Explored with _Nyx_ and a great day was had. Camelot Theme Park was a resort and theme park located in the...
  8. HitGirl

    Cameltoe Theme Park (June 2013)

    Explored with Therealindianajones, Shush, Skankypants, MrToby, Pam and Matt Not many pics of this one as got busted on Nightmare :mad:
  9. T

    Loudon Castle Theme Park (inc the walled area :) ) 2012

    One I`ve done 3 times in 2012 so heres a compilation This is the place where I popped my urbex cherry :) I`m partial to HDR and I`ve noticed going back over my early stuff its a bit neon :lol: so apols, I`ve toned the saturation down a bit these days :thumb Cheers

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