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  1. crabb

    Falcon House, Swindon, UK

    Falcon house. It's been in Swindon since the early days of this towns birth and has been sat empty and abandoned for 16 years.   It was said to be the very first headquarters for the well known company zurich, an insurance company, but was promptly moved to a more practical and efficient...
  2. obscureserenity

    Belgium Town Mansion (Permission Visit) - May 2018

    Town Mansion History The Town Mansion was originally built in 1912 by a wealthy petroleum importer. During the early 20th century, the area in which the mansion was built, had become a hub for many rich German families in the early 1900's. By 1918, once the First World War had come...
  3. S

    Got caught exploring abandoned ghost town

    Hello everyone I’m new here but have explored since I was a teen and only recently decided to document my explorations on video. Here’s one of them I hope you all enjoy!!!
  4. Faith Roswell

    Salton City- Californian Ghost Town

    Hiya! I visited Salton City last year and it was one of the strangest, most haunting experiences I've had. It's not locked up- there's a tiny, tiny population still living there (!) but the majority is derelict, covered in graffiti and shows signs of being fled in a hurry (old cereal packets...
  5. F

    Abandoned Pioneer Town

    Hey All, I recently took a trip to the middle of the California desert to see an old abandoned movie set. While I was there I shot a video of the things that transpired. Be sure to check it out. A link with more information on the site is in the description of the video. I hope you...
  6. skeleton key

    Just another night on the town pulling pigs. - Shared 2015

    Defo one for this section
  7. mookster

    Kettering Town FC, Jan 2015

    I didn't even know this place existed until today so it was nice to see something a little different, although there is something inherently sad about an abandoned sports ground. Kettering Town FC played at the Rockingham Road grounds from 1897 to 2011 although from 1992 they only leased the...
  8. TrevBish.co.uk

    Sheffield Old Town Hall / Courts - Sheffield - December 2014

    Good Morning all! This was the first stop on our little up North tour. 20 hour round trip and no sleep! This was a nice little place, been on my list for a few years now but never really decided to go and visit until now. Access is one of the funniest I have ever encountered and we bumped into a...
  9. Andy

    Citta fantasma di Poggioreale (ghost town), Sicily / IT (Oct. 2013)

    The town was founded in 1642 . Destroyed by an earthquake and then abandoned by the inhabitants in 1968 . Inside the houses there were still a lot of ornate ceiling paintings. However, I have not set foot in a number of buildings, because sometimes it was too uncertain for me because of the...
  10. Timster1973

    Pripyat town - Hospital MScH - visited April 2014

    Evening all, As you already know from my previous Chernobyl village report, I was part of a 35 man group which went in April. Part of the trip was two full days mooching in Pripyat which is the main objective for anyone especially with access to buildings too. We were basically taken here and...
  11. darbians

    Court In Town Hall Sept/Oct 2013

    Originally a court house then later on changed to a town hall. The outside holds a lot of promise from the front it looks like a castle! Sadly not as good inside but well worth a visit. 1 2 3 4 5 You really do bump into allsorts out exploring :eek: 6
  12. The_Raw

    Sheffield - Crown Courts & High Court (Old Town Hall) - February 2014

    I travelled up to York for a wedding last week so decided to make the most of my time oop north and spent a couple of days in Sheffield. I visited the courts with Acid- Reflux who was kind enough to revisit the place on my behalf. Seeing as I had my suit with me I figured it would be rude if I...
  13. Nova Wilmoth

    Some more of nebraska..... a ghost town! Oct -2013

    I dont know if this post should go here, because it include a house/ post office and cemetery..... Please forgive me if this is the wrong location. These are unwatermarked because they were taken kind of in a hurry on a really chilly day. This is the town i mention in a previous post... Or...
  14. The Urban Adventurer

    Great Britain Town Centre Decay - Kent (Visited Jan 2012) - 2013

    .. couldn't believe my luck when a fellow exploring buddy said he’d found a way into this place…so on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon and using the excuse that aforementioned exploring buddy had â€no-one to play with today†managed to get me out of going to a kid’s birthday party… cheers...
  15. urbexosaurus

    Strachów (Ghost Town) Poland (visited Jun2012) 2013

    Strachów, (which literally translated means; "spooky" ) is quite a suitable name for this place. Even though nowadays this place is called differently, Strachów was the official name till 1992. Strachów was a town built for the soldiers and families of the Russian Army. The whole terrain...
  16. Nelly

    Great Britain Chingford Town Hall - March 2012

    An epic day sploring with SK, Ninja Kitten, Trog, Peaches, Beer Switch and Spong Ebob This building was Chingford Urban District Council's Town Hall built in 1929 on The Ridgeway. Added to in the 1960's it was used as the London Borough of Waltham Forest's Chingford Municipal Offices. Photo...
  17. H

    Great Britain Dewsbury Town Hall may 2011

    Visited after seeing 'Sara' but more talk of her later !, as we were passing it came to my attention that i might be able to blag our way inside for a photo shoot well me and Mutilated_Pixie that is, car parked n off we popped.........got to the main stairs going to the building when we got...