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  1. B

    website cheers
  2. The Urban Collective

    My Portfolio - The Urban Collective

    Hey, guys here's a link to my Urban Exploration photographic and video portfolio! I will be uploading regularly across the web and would like to become an active member of this community. Thanks for any feedback guys! Take care.
  3. enry98

    My Urbex portfolio

    Hello everyone! I'm Enrico, an amateur photographer and filmmaker which also like urbex. Since I started with my hobbies I created a portfolio on my website where I would upload my best photos, being them urbex or not. I also have a youtube channel where I upload videos of my explorations...
  4. MrObvious

    my page and website

    its not all urbex :) but heres my page and site Instagram if anyone is on it - :thumb
  5. tumbles

    County Asylums Returns..

    After three years in the wilderness, County Asylums has returned with a fresh look and a lot, lot more info. We've revised the 'asylum list' and each and every one of the asylums listed has there own page with details, history and photos. We'll be adding more to...
  6. Msix

    Msix Photography website and fan page

    Hello all ;) Here is my new website (in english for you enjoyment): And my new Facebook fan page: Come take a look and give us a like and share, thanks guys & gals. See ya Johann
  7. MrT

    My page and website

    Im getting to grips with my new page and website, slowly but surely its getting more content. Come take a look and give us a like please, any hints, tips or slagging off, send it my way, thanks guys & gals.
  8. urbexonline

    My nearly new website

    Feel free to visit my website . It is online since 2 months. ;)
  9. silverainbow

    New Website from my Friend Sandy

    Hi Guys this is Sandys website Take a look, lots of interesting reports and information ! :thumb
  10. northerngeek

    I have this Redbubble profile...

    I have a profile on, called UpNorthPhoto. Basically amateur photogeekery, some UE, some other stuff. It's a site where you can buy prints, but I'm having it mostly for the fun of showing people my photos. You're welcome to take a look :-) My profile...
  11. Camera Shy

    New website

    I put a new website together recently and adding new and old stuff as i go, so looking to swap links with anyone interested, much appreciated. Can't promise you much traffic like as i think there's only my mum looks at it up to now lol.
  12. Rendy

    Czech Republic urbex website

    Hi to all! :) I'm so glad I found this friendly forum. I'm one of the admins of the czech websites and forum, so if you want, you can visit this site and in this section you can say "hello!" to our members:) Like here I "say hello" on site too, but I was immediately blocked and I...
  13. Luciano del Cocko

    My photo-page on Facebook and Website!

    On facebook : On the net :
  14. Ddarkhaunter.

    My New Website

    Hi all This is my new Website with alot of my photography on and Blogs about the places i been to. :)
  15. Trooper

    Deviant Mind Website.

    My site is it's not updated because I am lazy but worth a look. ;)
  16. ...mole...

    My website

    Just finished doing a few changes to my website as it was all Landscapes before, So a bit of restructuring, adding derelict places photos and a background colour change to black and I'm a bit happier with it. It's a rather simple website built just to show my photography. Would appreciate it...
  17. vanishing days

    website Help

    Hey i wana do my own webiste like shadows one and was wondering if some one could talke me throught setting one up as im not to good at web design cheers people
  18. Shadow

    Best personal UE website in the world

    Homepage of the legendary fucking nutcase Dsankt Absolutely incredible :o