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  1. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Bricket Wood Leisure Centre, St Albans, England - December 2018

    This one has a bit of a bittersweet ending for me really/.  It's practically on my doorstep but I didn't find out about it till about 2016/17 and it closed in 2010 with much disgust from the locals!   I had tried and failed it numerous times because of either filming taking place on site; or...
  2. Merryprankster

    Tansley wood mills - Lumsdale valley - june 2016

    first report in a while, been busy in france  :-D  + havent seen anything from this place so thought id share it. It was one of those lucky stumble upon by accident explores, which are always nice, certainly not epic to look at but its nice knowing every corner you walk round is going to be...
  3. Urbexbandoned

    George Barnsley & Son - Sheffield - January 2016

    The History    George Barnsley and Sons Ltd was founded in 1836 and specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in 1883. George Barnsley and Son is listed in the 1837 Sheffield directory as a file manufacture...
  4. Hydro

    Gascoigne Wood - August 15

    Putting this in here due to it being a live site and possibly part owned by Network Rail and i do not wish them to find me lol... SK/Admins if this needs to be in public forums please feel free to move it and remove this top bit, ta :thumb Explored with Raz A bit of History; Selby coalfield...
  5. The_Raw

    Colliers Wood Tower - South London - February 2014

    Visited with juicerail, on arrival it was apparent that the storms had done us a favour by blowing the hoarding over so it didn't take us long to find a way inside. On the ground floor three panels of wood covering the lift shafts with black streaks running down them reminded me slightly of the...
  6. sj9966

    Great Britain Harold Wood Morgue, July 2011

    Some pics from this once excellent, now demolished morgue that was part of the Harold Wood Hospital in Essex. Not too many locations like this in the UK at present, few and far between! Visited in July 2011.
  7. Nelly

    Harold Wood Hospital Morgue - May 2011

    This was a quick fly by visit to Harold Wood purely for the famous morgue. Visited with, wait for it... Skeleton Key, Priority 7, Trog, Wevsky, Silver Rainbow, Space Invader, Obscurity and a non member called Ben. Yup 9 of us in a morgue, tripods everywhere all getting in the way of each others...
  8. Nelly

    Harold Wood Hospital - Romford - Jan 2011

    Went out on a "Hospital" day with Mr Skeleton Key. Started out at Highwood in Brentwood and then ended up here Harold Wood Hospital History I'm sure that you may have read this before but here goes............ The hospital was opened in 1909 by West Ham County Borough council, as the Grange...
  9. Maniac

    Harold Wood Hospital, Essex - May 2010

    I wasn't going to bother with a report, but I think I had just about enough photos to make it worthwhile, so may as well. Being very bored at the weekend, myself, Frosty and Obscurity decided to take ourselves off here to have a looksie. It was also the first exploring outing of the new car, the...

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