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Earlier this month, I told everyone the forum was in the process of being upgraded. Now its more or less complete, I will give an overview of the new features. Gallery This is the big one, and a significant extension to the community. The gallery. There are 4 major functions associated with this. The ability to upload entire albums to the forum. This an...
Good afternoon everyone The forum is having a fairly big upgrade at the moment. I got the biggest bits in overnight, and soon I will update with the additional features we are bringing in alongside it. A few gremlins have been found and fixed, but you do at least now have the main and alternate style back to use. If you do find something that doesn't work, please use this thread to let us know.
Hello everyone The forum is going to have a few bits added to it over the next few weeks, and the first of these is a new style. We have been working on this for quite some time, and I'm really pleased with it. If you scroll to the bottom of the forum and click the following button, you can select "Oblivion State Alternate" Its quite a difference to the current theme - and you are quite free to use either of them. You will notice that the forums have background pictures. These are all...
More for the benefit of our newer members, I thought I'd put a reminder out there for what is needed on location reports on this forum. - A title. We prefer a proper name, but if you don't want to it isn't required. Some sort of title is what we need. - A month and year of visit. We do also require a country, however you have to select a flag to proceed with a report, so we don't go on about this. All id say is if the country you need isn't available, contact us and we will make it so...
Hi All, The board has been sending weekly updates as to what is popular on the forum for several months now. Some people find them useful, some dont, and there is an option to unsubscribe from them. So here is the opportunity to say if you want to see them or not. Please use the poll. :)
As of 07/10/18, video reports will no longer be accepted on this forum. "Hybrid" reports - where video content is posted within a photo based report, will be accepted. This may be more work, but will cater for both audiences. Video reports generally concentrate more on the editing skills and a movie experience rather than the explore, and do not present any value to this forum. OS does not get the activity some others do, so we must ensure the content that is posted is of top quality.
Good evening Oblivion State members :) Something I mentioned in the last update is now live - profile cover pictures. Small addition, but it allows you to showcase your favourite photo on your profile. Simply navigate to your profile and press the "add cover photo" button to the right of your profile picture. Ideal dimensions are 2400x1000 to avoid empty spaces to the sides, (y)
Good afternoon! I know i'm hardly known for giving out short updates to the forum, but i'll try and keep this to the point... :) There have been a lot of changes in the last 6 months, so I want to take the time to point them out. Software - to most of you this really shouldn't make a difference. We have switched the platform we use in favour of something I believe is more suited to the...
Evening OS users! I'd like to point out a couple of additions to the forums you may find useful, and should be aware of. Help and Support area. Pretty self explanatory really. This is for technical issues that you may be having around the forum, questions with your account etc. You can either post to the area directly, or use the "contact staff" button at the top of the forum. The only difference being the button will also send us an email. Both admins and moderators are involved in...
Afternoon everyone Oblivion State will be going through an upgrade tonight from 22:00 UK time. During this time it will be closed. It should be reopened tomorrow morning. We are active on Facebook, twitter and Instagram so whilst the forum is shut we welcome any chat or pictures on those channels. After the upgrade please feel free to use the contact form on the main forum, PM any of the staff or email [email protected] if you have any difficulties or questions.
You may or may not have noticed that the chatbox has been removed from the main forum index page. Quite simply it wasnt being used enough to keep it there. Its not gone completely however, and you can find it here. If you have a question, I would encourage you to take it to the general discussion area, as this is more closely monitored. :)
To all members  A little while ago, we started allowing the uploading of photos directly to the forum as opposed to requiring members to hotlink them from an external website. This is not exclusive to OS, however it is a major shift in how we operate and in our view, a great step forward that is of benefit to both our members and the forum itself. We have now had the opportunity to gather some valuable feedback, and although we can’t change the physical functionality behind the...