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  1. Jenn

    Fellow explorers

    Hey there, just joined little bit ago. So far, I’ve never really done video or photography for sharing. I’ve always done everything alone and I started posting bits here and there on my Instagram. I would like to start exploring more with others. I travel a lot so if anyone is interested hit me...
  2. S

    Looking For Other Explorers In The Huntsville, AL Area

    My name is Suiz, i just recently moved from the Pensacola area into Huntsville. Trying to look for any other explorers in the area that wanna link up. 
  3. Steffi

    Questionnaire about the motivations of urban explorers

    Hi fellow urban explorers! I'm currently studying Tourism management on the University of applied sciences Inholland in Amsterdam. For my thesis I am doing a research about the motivations of urban exploring and if urban exploring can be linked to the concept of dark tourism. In order to know...
  4. Himeiji

    Looking for other explorers in Belgium, NL, France, or Luxembourg!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for people to visit locations together, somewhere in Belgium, NL, Luxembourg, France, or nearby) I'm rather experienced with urbex, but I don't really like doing it alone and it's hard to find people who also understand what they're doing at locations. I'm mostly...
  5. Dubbed Navigator

    Looking for explorers in the Leicester area

    Hello all from a longtime, somewhat rusty forum user. Having moved to the Leicester area 18 months or so ago, the exploring itch has well and truly returned. I needz derp. Although there isn't a shortage of it in my area, I do have a shortage of explorers that I know. For someone that...
  6. Canonfodder

    Explorers Hospital North Wales, October 2013

    This now closed hospital in North Wales was formerly a workhouse that opened in 1839 and housed both males and females. Biding by Victorian values both cohorts of people were segregated in separate wings. The building was laid out in the form of a cross – there’s a tip for future explorers –...
  7. urbexor

    hi there fellow explorers!

    Well... hi there explorers! A forum like this is new 2 me and still need 2 figure out how i put my sets/pictures on this Forum... Someone? :) Feel free 2 check out my homepage and then add me when u like it... Time2 meet some people over here! Greetz from Urbexor (J Photography urban exploration)
  8. skeleton key

    Urban Explorers - A day at the races. (Trapped By Guard Dogs

    Filmed and edited by Troglodyte UE

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