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  1. Ferox

    Thornton Fever Hospital, Fife - May 2018

    Had a look at this place on a recent trip to Scotland. Very decayed and stripped this one but never the less still a nice spot for a look around. There was some lovely tiles still in place in parts of the hospital which I liked. I do like a bit of old tile work  :) There was a lot of kids toys...
  2. Involuntary Abstinence

    Thornton Fever Hospital/Strathore Hotel, Fife, Scotland (February 2014)

    Hello again. Here is another hospital report. I visited Thornton last February and it was my first explore done with another fellow explorer (non-member). In retrospect, the place is not all that interesting as a whole, but at the time it the first hospital I had the chance to get into, and it...
  3. Stussy

    Great Britain Crawford Priory, Fife - May 2013

    Went on a solo adventure last month and visited a good few places before heading off to do a meet some underground explorers. My last solo explore of the day was this, Crawford Priory. Crawford Priory is a large country mansion origanlly built in 1758 for the 21st Earl of Crawford and...
  4. Stussy

    Great Britain Hawkleymuir Factory, Fife - May 2013

    Haven't done a report for a wee while since I broke a lens and it had to get repaired, so throwing this ole Derpy DerP up. Very little information can be found on this place, it was formally owned by Gordon and McEwan Linen Producers and later used by Wm Yule and Son Ltd wholesale food...
  5. Keith_Pratt

    Hello from Fife

    I'm based in Fife and tend to do underground stuff with other explorers or look for bits and pieces locally. Some of you might know me as RichardB from other forums or RichardB5 on Flickr I certainly see a few names I recognise and some that I have met.
  6. Stussy

    Graffiti House, Fife - May 2013

    Quick explore of this Derpy house, I normally love houses and yes Cottages and take more pics in there than a big place, but here well, I think I took 17. This little adventure was just a quick splore whislt waiting for another opportunity to present itself (I bailed eventually on the explore I...
  7. Stussy

    G.P.O. Station, Fife - April 2013

    Part of a recent road trip adventure ending up here late at night looking for a Hobo Hotel. Up at the crack of dawn to take some pics before heading off to find some new places! This former British General Post Office Listening Post is the replacement of an earlier site in a nearby village...