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  1. Siren

    Stone House Asylum - Visited 14.3.12

    This is a classic mooch from a little while back, only never got around to actually reporting it anywhere! This site is now completely redeveloped, so no chance of future explores unfortunately :( HISTORY Stone House Hospital, formerly the City of London Lunatic Asylum, was a hospital and...
  2. Timster1973

    The House of Jebus - 2012 - 2013

    Also known as the house of sisters/whispers. We got caught by the caretaker about 3 hours after sunrise and asked to leave, nice guy thought and totally understood what we were about. This place is/was on the market for £2.5million but what you would do with it I'm not sure apart from turn it...
  3. T

    Caldwell House Dec 2012

    Done this with a non member cold horrible day, but was itching to get out and play, was mostly pi$$ing down all visit so the pics a bit on the low quality side but thought i would share Cheers
  4. S

    Shropshire house.... 2013

    My first post on here,so hope i dont mess it up,,,here are a couple of pics of a place i found yesturday in Shropshire....fully boarded from the inside,so no shots of internals unfortunatly...think it would be a belter though... Hope this works...... ;)
  5. T

    EastEnd House Lanarkshire Sept 2012 (bit pic heavy)

    2 visits to this place, this is a kind of mish mash of both trips, first with UAP and second alone round the back Kitchen bit of stair porn Now, on the way out I bump into a guy who lives on the estate, after chatting about the history of the place his wife pops along and...
  6. T

    Garthland House , Renfrewshire 2013

    This place has just had a major collapse in the building but I beleive the chapel is still ok GARTHLAND House, on the outskirts of Lochwinnoch, was one of Renfrewshire's most majestic mansions. The greyish-pink Tudor-style architecture of the two-storey building was enhanced by a pillared...
  7. shaddam

    Misc house -North Herts - Aug 2012

    Rural exploring... r...rubexing ?. Two small houses located in north Hertfordshire, a small pre-explore before we hit the main one that day. It was during a very hot day so we where quite thankful to get inside !. The houses themselves where shrouded with early 90's floppy disks and home manual...
  8. shaddam

    Eagle house Feb 2012

    Eagle house, a 27 story tower in central london that stopped construction half way through and has seemed that way ever since, when we went there was no/ no sign of any security but i believe the place has at least one guard these days. This was one of the first explores i did in london and had...
  9. Ninja Kitten

    The House Of Tears...Sept 2012

    The House Of Tears...this place has been a labour of love and hate on occasions...Those who recognise her will know the history and the tragedy that runs throughout her walls..she is simply stunning to walk around in knowing that some of our legends of music have stayed there also made it even...
  10. Canonguy

    hertfordshire house (plan house)-Jun 2012

    i dont think there is any real history on this place apart from the owners apparently put the maximum extension allowed on a building and purposely left it unfinished so it would have to be pulled down so they could sell it with plans to add the same size extension again :dunno: *(if there's...
  11. Canonguy

    Hertfordshire house (orange house)-June 2012

    there isnt any real history on this on this place apart from the original owner of this house dies a few years back and she had to children and one wanted to sell and the other wanted to keep it in the family sadly the lady who wanted to keep her mothers house died and i have know idea what is...
  12. Canonguy

    House of fun -jun 2012

    i havent had time to find any real "solid" info on this place and i dont want to give half of it as it will ruin it but as we walking on to the site we we heard "stop where you are!" thought it was police but turned out to be some teenagers warning us about a gas leak and that its really bad in...
  13. Canonguy

    Great Britain The Clock House Hotel hertfordshire-Sep 2012

    i have always driven passed this place since i was a kid and it was always busy and i remember my dad taking me in here when he had a meeting with JCB and the bloke from JCB gave me a digger keyring :grin: :cool2: i know a bit of information about this place but i think this news article...

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