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  1. skeleton key

    B MANOR -JUNE -2012

    Thanks for looking in SK :thumb
  2. Nelly

    Great Britain NK Manor - May 2012

    I won't lie, this is really pic heavy, but I can't cut it down anymore, I've already deleted about 20 photos that I really wanted to show you Massive thanks to SK and Trog who once again found another gem!!! __________________________________ Walking up the drive The Building, I'll start...
  3. Nelly

    SOE Manor - AKA Hotel B - July 2012

    This was one of those places that I had wanted to do for nearly two years, right on my doorstep but very put off by the knowledge that their was a live in caretaker and a little story of the fate of the splorers who tried before us, nuff said ]Splored with Skeleton Key and Jayne Doe. I...
  4. skeleton key

    Sassoon Manor -July -2012

    If im honest not really what I was looking for but was alott of fun :thumb
  5. silverainbow

    F H Manor, Maidstone Kent, September 2011

    Been holding off on this one while I attempted to seek out some much needed history, but regret to say I failed miserably so what little history there is has already been covered by Sx-Riffraff in his thread (, I did however discover...
  6. Space Invader

    F H Manor ,Kent September 2011

    visited with obscurity ,wevsky ,silverRainbow and mrs obs ... Not alot of history on this place so are get straight on with the pics... thanks for looking :beer:
  7. Wevsky

    F H Manor ,Kent September 2011

    Right headed off down here after our little jaunt up to a swimming pool(report to no doubt follow) To be honest the history really is sparse other than i believe the raf used it during the war..i could be wrong Big thanks to sx-riffraff for a pointer in the right direction..nice one matey...
  8. Obscurity

    RAF Rudloe Manor - July 2011

    I went for a look on a sunny morning with Frosty and a non member. The buildings are in a very bad state and everything insight has been smashed but there were a few bits that make this place worth a look if you are in the area. We were here about an hour but then saw a few blokes walking...