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  1. Robert Dupon

    Salton Manor Hotel May 2014

    The Salston Manor Hotel is set in the beautiful Otter Valley, only a short distance from Ottery St Mary. For many years guests came to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Devon countryside with all the convenience of modern living in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Salston Manor Hotel Its...
  2. Perjury Saint

    Manoir DP... April '14

    2nd stop on my recent Euro jaunt was this DELIGHTFUL Belgian manor house... Chock full of bits n pieces AND people by the time I had to go! Really is VERY popular at the moment and its easy to see why... ...MANOIR DP... Thanks for looking... Germany up next :)
  3. Stussy

    Cistercian Abbey - December 2013

    My last foray with exploring this year ended with beauty. After a stupid amount of driving over the previous days, I was shattered, driving from as far south as I've been before, driving to Wales to drop of Lowri an then heading ver to the Midlands to get some rest with Project Mayhem who...
  4. Bungal

    Rolls Royce Manor - Scotland 2013

    Rollsroyce manor ~Party Time~ History: the local neighbour decided to have a chat after looking at us with his arms folded in a unfriendly kinda way, his words...what you doing, should not be here etc. Then talked about how the owner once owned nightclubs and hotels and was connected well...
  5. AndyK!

    Chaise Abbey - December 2013

    Chaise Abbey DECADENCE IN DECAY There are places that you discover and mean to look into, but just never get around to it. This was one of those places. I'd first noticed Chaise Abbey a year and half, maybe even two years ago. All I could really find on tinterweb was a few mentions of the...
  6. ImmortalShadow

    Harlequin Manor - October '13

    After being picked up in the morning by 3 non-forumers, we made our way down south to our location (it was the first of 3 we had on our histlist for that day). Despite finding our original access point wasn't so accessible, we looked around, soon found another - and we were in! Thinking we'd...
  7. Gigi

    Paintings Manor - August 2013

    The funniest trip I have been on in a long time! No offence to my usual buddies I go with, but we had gotten a bit serious with our photography and kinda forgotten to let go a bit! So I went on the this trip with my fella, Nick and Aimie, and Chris. Chris slept as usual ;) haha. We drank wine...
  8. shaddam

    Crookham manor school - November 2013

    Explored with Starlight & Chopper I won't bore you with the history of this place, although very sad and horrid, i am sure most, if not all know the story's behind this place. if you want to see some history, check out Lara's cracking report here ...
  9. thecrazyfool

    Red Dress Manor - October, 2013

    I know this site has been done to death but I wanted to visit it before it got publicised and thankfully I did. Visited one wet weekend in October just before it was splashed all over the Daily Mail website with location and all given. I just hope it doesn’t go all down hill from now and...

    Broad Oaks Manor, Surrey - June 2012

    Nice little explore this. Mint inside, thats why i have posted it here. Please feel free to move this onto the main forum if you should feel like doing. This site is huge with a office block type thing built on the side and a new type building in the same site but was just like a building site...
  11. redsplore

    Jag Manor (Visited - August 2012) Sept 2013

    Visited this site alone at dusk for an initial reccy, and found it wide open so had a look around. I got spooked as a thunderstorm started and there was evidence of very fresh activity in the house, and as light was falling I though sod this, Im getting out.
  12. Lucky Pants

    Cosy Manor of the Red Dress. -September 2013

    Cosy Manor of the Red Dress, September 2013. Looks like this place has had a lot of attention as late, but it was a location i been wanting to go see for a age now and as me and Mrs LP had some time on are hands we decided to go pay her a visit and so glad we did, the place has been pretty much...
  13. abandoned world

    shirley manor sep 2013

    these pics was taken bu my not so good camera but was all i had on me :/. i did enjoy being here but extremely gutted about the state its in! theres nothing much but the shell of what was once a nice looking building. The house was built in 1859 by John Taylor, a manufacturer and dyer of cloth...
  14. C

    Crookham manor, school laboratory. Aug 2013

    The manor has been posted a few times, so I chose not to bother with the main buildings. I'm surprised no-one has made more of a feature of this lab before though. Was a nice little treat for me finding it :) Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed! :)
  15. zeroUE

    Great Britain Ivy Farm Manor, Hampole, Doncaster - August 2013

    This one has gone under a few different names on various previous reports including Hampole Manor, The Manor House and The Doctors House. The Stonework at the front gate shows this as Ivy Farm and this is confirmed by mapping, and Hampole Manor is actually a different building on the same road...
  16. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Red Dress Manor, April 2013

    They, whoever 'they' are, say nothing ventured nothing gained. So given that the location is near my birthplace and the old stamping ground, off I went. The adrenaline was proper pumping - I was of course on my tod, and not sure quite what to expect. Would the 'occupier' be in residence? But I...
  17. Urbansnooper

    Hampole Manor, Doncaster - Visited April 2013

    This was one of my very first explores, visited with Urban Witness. The place is a proper derp and no doubt would have been a lovely home at one time. This place is so much of an unsecure place that we parked the car on the driveway outside and walked through the gate !! :o HISTORY There is...
  18. darbians

    Bull Manor Jan 2013

    The moment we were over the fence, the bull was checking us out. We decided to go over the stream as there were a few stones to tread on and avoid getting wet. Sadly one of us still dunked a foot, if only she mentioned she bought an apple for the bull, I am sure he would of let us past. Made it...
  19. Landie_Man

    Manor Berk (yn), Berkshire - (VISITED: Aug 2012) 2013

    2013: Slightly adapted title due to a hoo-ha on the radio a while back. It is said security measures were stepped up since my visit, more bulls maybe? Not sure, anyway, this was an awesome explore but sadly has prayed victim to the hands of dirty, filthy thieves. 2012: Many people have lived...
  20. Landie_Man

    New Lodge Manor, Berkhamsted- (VISITED MAR 2012) 2013

    2013: Demolished 2012: All credit to Northern_Ninja for this one. Very little info on this site, but many things appeared to have go on here. It seems the previous owner was a mechanic, but dabbled in chemistry and biology, with the embalming fluids and letters from chemical suppliers. It...