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  1. abandoned world

    shirley manor sep 2013

    these pics was taken bu my not so good camera but was all i had on me :/. i did enjoy being here but extremely gutted about the state its in! theres nothing much but the shell of what was once a nice looking building. The house was built in 1859 by John Taylor, a manufacturer and dyer of cloth...
  2. C

    Crookham manor, school laboratory. Aug 2013

    The manor has been posted a few times, so I chose not to bother with the main buildings. I'm surprised no-one has made more of a feature of this lab before though. Was a nice little treat for me finding it :) Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed! :)
  3. zeroUE

    Great Britain Ivy Farm Manor, Hampole, Doncaster - August 2013

    This one has gone under a few different names on various previous reports including Hampole Manor, The Manor House and The Doctors House. The Stonework at the front gate shows this as Ivy Farm and this is confirmed by mapping, and Hampole Manor is actually a different building on the same road...
  4. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Red Dress Manor, April 2013

    They, whoever 'they' are, say nothing ventured nothing gained. So given that the location is near my birthplace and the old stamping ground, off I went. The adrenaline was proper pumping - I was of course on my tod, and not sure quite what to expect. Would the 'occupier' be in residence? But I...
  5. Urbansnooper

    Hampole Manor, Doncaster - Visited April 2013

    This was one of my very first explores, visited with Urban Witness. The place is a proper derp and no doubt would have been a lovely home at one time. This place is so much of an unsecure place that we parked the car on the driveway outside and walked through the gate !! :o HISTORY There is...
  6. darbians

    Bull Manor Jan 2013

    The moment we were over the fence, the bull was checking us out. We decided to go over the stream as there were a few stones to tread on and avoid getting wet. Sadly one of us still dunked a foot, if only she mentioned she bought an apple for the bull, I am sure he would of let us past. Made it...
  7. Landie_Man

    Manor Berk (yn), Berkshire - (VISITED: Aug 2012) 2013

    2013: Slightly adapted title due to a hoo-ha on the radio a while back. It is said security measures were stepped up since my visit, more bulls maybe? Not sure, anyway, this was an awesome explore but sadly has prayed victim to the hands of dirty, filthy thieves. 2012: Many people have lived...
  8. Landie_Man

    New Lodge Manor, Berkhamsted- (VISITED MAR 2012) 2013

    2013: Demolished 2012: All credit to Northern_Ninja for this one. Very little info on this site, but many things appeared to have go on here. It seems the previous owner was a mechanic, but dabbled in chemistry and biology, with the embalming fluids and letters from chemical suppliers. It...
  9. Landie_Man

    GT Manor, Oxfordshire - (VISITED: Jul 2010) 2013

    2013: Still splorable I believe. 2010: This is leaking out fast, but I will once again keep the location secret. What an awesome explore! Found paperwork dating to the 19th century up until 1979. Excuse the photo wonkiness I had a knackered out tripod! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6...
  10. Gigi

    Manor K - 2012

    A manor of epic size and grandeur. The land around it is hugeeee! Snuck in here as the sun was setting, it was a bit strange though, a caravan was outside and the door was open, so I didn't spend long in here! Ran around like a madwoman :) Pleased I saw it, it is a wonderful place!
  11. Gigi

    Manor B - 2012

    Not sure what other people are calling this place! Unfortunately I set off a PIR when we were in there, only got to see the basement, which was still awesome! lots of telephone equipment, as it was used a phone exchange back in the day! pretty noisy pics as I was using my old camera and no...
  12. Gigi

    Red Stairs Manor Jan 2013

    This was more of an empty place than decayed or abandoned as such. Permission job, I know the owner well as he lets me use his many mansions for model photoshoots. I liked this place, but I do love my decay, so wasn't head over heels for this one! Went with Mookie :D
  13. Gigi

    Protestant Manor - April / June 2013

    A report from me after about 3 years maybe?! haha. This is very unlike my usual photos, those who know me know I always use a tripod, am a super perfectionist when it comes to verticals being vertical, I don't focus on details, and always the wide angle scene kinda girl, but fancied doing...
  14. mookster

    Great Britain Red Stairs Manor (Jan 2012) 2013

    So it turns out if you a) ask nicely and B) do a fair amount of yarn spinning to the owners of places, they sometimes don't mind you having a peek behind closed doors...accompanied of course! This is one of those many manor houses that is 'empty' and not 'derelict', the original home has had...
  15. mde

    Great Britain old manor asylum - (2012) 2013

    OK, as I've just registered on the site I thought I'd better get something up sharpish :-) A lot of my explores are on the tourist trail so thought I'd dig out something which has not see a lot of traffic. This place started out as a private Lunatic Asylum in 1813. In the early 1850's it was one...
  16. oldskool

    Great Britain Gt Manor With The Urbex Addition Tom Tom ..Sep 25 2011

    Ive wanted to shoot this place for a long time so hooked up with Rusty and made a full day out of it, this being the first of four sites .......ManorG T was settled in the Anglo-Saxon era. Ælfric of Abingdon held the manor of G T by 990 and became Archbishop of Canterbury in 995. Ælfric died in...
  17. Nelly

    Great Britain Crookham Manor - AKA Harlequin Manor - Motability Manor - May 2013

    Splored with Skeleton Key, Lara, Trog and Peaches Crookham Court stands on the former site of Crookham manor house, built around the start of 14th century and destroyed in 1543, and subsequently Crookham House which was demolished around 1850. The construction of the current building started...
  18. Timster1973

    Yeah, sorry. More Harlequin Manor - 2013

    Hi all, I've held off from doing a report as the usual social media sites and boards will be awash with this especially after a record turnout on Sunday. It wasn't a group made for stealth but we had fun and no issues so it was all good. I have quite a few detail shots and other bits n pieces...
  19. klempner69

    Harlequinn Manor yet again!!! visited April 2013

    For me,this is what exploring is all about..yeah,we all can take piccys of various angles etc,but here I met some great new friends who made this explore really worth it.Cant really give any true history on this place as I dont want this place trashed/off the back of my report,so it will remain...
  20. mrtoby

    GT Manor - Oxfordshire - April 2013

    After a trip down south to the extremely busy Harlequin Manor we ended up at this old girl. This was my second visit and it still holds a strange fascination for me. The building is stunning, the colours and shapes here are second to none. For a building that is basically empty it is...