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  1. ASOM

    Great Britain 14 years of asylum-seeking

    Back in 2018 I posted this thread: I kind of thought the jig was mostly up as far as asylums were concerned by then, and each time there was another, I'd have this kind of melancholic feeling that it was going to...
  2. LeeLewis82

    Thetford Cottage Hospital

    Thetford Cottage Hospital March 2016. Pictures taken on a Samsung galaxy s6 edge no camera for personal safety (squatters and crackheads resident) A lone explore with lee... Call it bravery.... Call it utter stupidity.... I did it and alone.. The hospital thats triggered my fancy for over...
  3. mrdystopia

    Code Red - 2013

    The pair of ex-Gurkha security guards rounded the corner of the building and spotted our party within milliseconds. "Intruders! Code Red, boss! CODE RED!" The voice shouting into the walkie-talkie had an amusing mixture of professional urgency and childish excitement. We had entered the...
  4. zeroUE

    Walkergate Hospital, August 2013

    At the time of my visit it was quite clear that the demo team had been there in full force, with 90% of the former hospital being reduced to nothing. What remained has been included in my report. Unfortunately there are no externals from on site as I was disturbed by an unmarked van which pulled...