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  1. hamtagger

    Great Britain Oakwood Farm, Norfolk - June 2016

    Oakwood Farm   The Explore   A farm in Norfolk with a blue toilet which I liked. Good quality mahogany seat which was a bit dusty and the flush was defective. Toilet roll was scratchy on the anus area and dusty too. A farmer and his wife and possibly kids lived here at some point in the...
  2. hamtagger

    RAF West Raynham, Norfolk - Jan 2016

    RAF West Raynham     The Explore   A bit of a flying visit this one as we had other things to check out deeper into Norfolk that day and I was really only mainly interested in the peely action going on in the foyer to the Junior Ranks Mess and a few other bits and bobs. I might jump on...
  3. Norfolk Explorer

    Whats left of St Andrews. Norwich. Norfolk. January 2016

    I decided to have a swing by here as it had been a while... In fact a long long time as I hate the place as it was photos I took here that when I plugged the camera into the computer it killed the computer along with a few years of family, holiday and exploring pictures and  it was long before I...
  4. Norfolk Explorer

    Clockhouse Brickworks. Capel, Dorking – Surrey. December 2015

    The Xmas holidays made for some free time and the opportunity for me to explore. So I arranged a whole day out with my buddys and Storm LSF who was coming out with us for the 1st time.. So the Alarm goes of at 2:30am and I check the phone and 2 of the party have become lightweights :P We...
  5. Norfolk Explorer

    Orford Ness and Bawsey. Suffolk. Sept 2015

    This was a day a out that I had been looking forward to since we planned it all. Nice day out with mates visiting a nature reserve and getting a bit of fresh air too.. The plan was to see all the site and sneak into the pergolas as they said we could get in close to them but we were just not...
  6. Norfolk Explorer

    hillbilly farm, Norfolk, August 2015

    This was another of those fab days out, Just driving around and checking out stuff I had been wanting to see for a while that had popped up online. So myself Zyge, littlebear and Spark headed out for the day to avoid massive nettles and horsefly bites..... Something that I did not manage all to...
  7. Norfolk Explorer

    RAF Neatishead. Norfolk. June 2015

    Back in 1994 I visited this site when I was helping out with a open day when I was in the cadets. Many years later I was shocked when I found out that you could now get tours around the site and the bunker, so for the last 4 years I have been waiting to get onto one, but each time I have either...
  8. Norfolk Explorer

    Thames Steel. Sheernes. Kent. February 2015

    When the Steel mill closed in 2012 I knew there and then that I wanted to get inside it and check it out. But little did I know that due to my lazy ass and work schedule it would be 2 years later when I would walk in the door and my jaw would drop on the floor in pure amazement of the scale of...
  9. Norfolk Explorer

    George Barnsley's, Cornish works. Sheffield. South Yorkshire. January 2015

    Well this was my 1st explore of 2015, and as luck would have it not our planned 1st explore :( We had intended to pop to the recently closed coke works just up the road in Barnsley, but this was a hive of activity, and not from the explorer buses turning up, but the decommissioning team...
  10. slayaaaa

    Vauxhall railway bridge, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - December 2014

    Intro I was up Norfolk/Suffolk for a few days and had a few visits planned, nothing went as it should and ended up feeling a bit rubbish. I needed somewhere I could sit on top of and relax for a bit. I found this and was incredibly glad I did. Sometimes you don't need to travel far to find what...
  11. Norfolk Explorer

    A old holiday Chalet and carriage. Stiffkey, Norfolk. November 2014

    I was unsure if I was to post this one or not as it is a bit trashed, but thought I would as it is full of nice bits and bobs and has stood the test of time, so I Visited here with my mate after we had been checking out a few old Gun placements along the coast and decided to pop in and have a...
  12. Norfolk Explorer

    Pontins Revisit. Hemsby. Nofolk November 2014

    Decided to pop back and have a little look about, it had been 14 months since I had last gone and to be honest not much has changed, a few more broken windows, more chalets are now sealed up properly, and somebody has thrown the medics storage cupboard in the pool. Last time I visited I shot on...
  13. Norfolk Explorer

    Hevingham car scrap yard. Norfolk. October 2014

    This is a random old place, from what we have found out while bumping into various new owners of the land, there used to be a slaughter house on the land for many many years, then some sort of a collection of motor vehicles has happened over the many many years.. With a mass variety of things...
  14. sageman

    a hello from norfolk

    been exploring a while now but never bothered to register some of you will know me via facebook (bensmithUE) is there a guide how to put pictures up i cant find one thanks
  15. Norfolk Explorer

    Derby Royal Infirmary. Derbyshire. February 2014

    Time to jump on the tourist bus and we decided to organise a road trip with a load of mates including atomic, zyge, magpie tommy, spark and sbmkIII, for some it was the 1st time we had met for most it was exactly 1 year to the day since our 1st escape from Norfolk road trip. Part of my reasoning...
  16. Norfolk Explorer

    Sewing house. Near Brandon.Norfolk. January 2014

    Visited here to shoot part of a uni brief about detail, ring flash and crop, so was in the middle of doing that when another explorer and her mum showed up... Was more concentrating on shooting what I had visited for, but made sure I got enough images for a report... I left shooting the external...
  17. Norfolk Explorer

    Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Crane. Norwich, Norfolk. January 2014

    Gabe got on the case and asked if I was free in Norwich in a few weeks, so a few weeks later he arrived and we decided to go have a little scout about and see what was happening. Checked a few drains, but they were all rusted shut, checked a bunker, that was sealed tight, so that only left the...
  18. Norfolk Explorer

    Dead Crow Cottage. Castle Acre. Norfolk January 2014.

    Visited this place that I found online while researching other bits and pieces for a day out in Norfolk. So thought it would be a shame not to visit... Did not have high hopes for it, but it was not to bad... 5 of us rolled into the house and being it was only a two bedroom cottage there was not...
  19. Norfolk Explorer

    Ebridge Mill, North Walsham, Norfolk. November 2013

    Visited here on my own, plan was to re shoot another site along the coast but fencing had gone up saying keep out, and as I left a van with chipboard on the back rolled up. This place is yet another pigeon haven and hence a national reserve for the pigeon crap. The floors and ladders for...
  20. Norfolk Explorer

    Pontins. Hemsby. Norfolk. September 2013. shot on Velvia 50 35mm Film

    Pontins. Hemsby. Norfolk. September 2013. shot on Velvia 50 35mm Film Visited here with my good friend and my daughter. I new the site well but had never visited, so decided that we would as I had a roll of Velvia 50 35mm film to shoot to test my new canon eos 5 out prior to starting uni...