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  1. P

    Easy/cool urbex places in Savannah, Georgia?

    Hi guys, im very new to exploring but I already love it. Looking for cool and easy places to explore in or around the Savannah, Georgia area. Any cool recommendations? I barely find anything when i google urbex. Thanks in advance
  2. E

    Places found around Hakone - Japan (cable car station, hotel, school, ...)

    In 2017, during a holiday to Japan, I visited the Hakone area, south-east of Mt Fuji, via day-trip from Tokyo. One of the stops was Mt Hakone – accessed via cable-car from lake Ashi. Due to timing, we only had a few minutes a the top of Mt Hakone. This was my first encounter with the eerie -...
  3. Scribble

    Echoes of Forgotten Places documentary film

    Back in the early 2000's I started videotaping (yes, we used tape back then) some of my explorations of various abandoned industrial sites in and around Toronto.  I eventually made a film called Echoes of Forgotten Places, it may be one of the earliest documentaries on the subject.  It's...
  4. 1

    Need New Places Ohio

    I am looking for new places to urbex. I am from the northeast Ohio area near Akron. Feel free to email me if you have any places you are willing to share. I will exchange places. my email is [email protected] I attached some images from previous urbexes.
  5. Wicked Sunday

    Haunted abandoned places across my roadtrip.

    Hello urban explorers.  I have lately been discovering the world of urban exploring, and have some great experiences solo exploring  'haunted' areas at night. The kind of adrenaline coming from visiting such place alone at night is terrifying yet very satisfying. I wish to keep up with my new...
  6. M

    need places to explore

    I need places to explore in king county washington
  7. Nwoodco1

    Places to explore in East Texas!

    Hello, I just joined this forum because my friends and I are traveling out to Choke Canyon SP later this summer and I would like some cool/abandoned places to explore and didn't know where to look, so I came here! Hopefully you all have some good places to share.
  8. 1

    Need Places to explore

    I am looking for anywhere to explore near the Akron Ohio area. The places need to have access points already created since we do not want to be breaking and entering. We are relatively new, but have gone to a few places such as the Akron Rubber Bowl (which is easy to get into, but has been...
  9. mookster

    What Places are you Gutted you Missed?

    Simple really...kind of lifted from the 'Teleportation' thread but different :) What places are you gutted to have never seen that if you could invent a time machine you'd instantly go back and see them? Me, I missed Cane Hill in it's intact nature by about 18 months! I saw it from the...
  10. Urbex Ninja

    Kent Underground and Abandoned Places

    Not quite a website, but more of a Facebook that I admin. Focuses on Underground and Abandoned places in the Kent area. Please feel free to like if you haven't done so already :) *I don't own this page either
  11. SuZyQue

    A few places that I've seen abandoned

    Grangegorman asylum dublin:-'s_Hospital_(Grangegorman) Portsmouth submarine graveyard Darty owner of comet[electrical retailer] Spain...
  12. SuZyQue

    Places to explore

    Found this:- paris catacombs everyone has heard of but the rest wow ... catacombs/
  13. 8ReDRuM

    Shots of random places. 2009

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