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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Powerplant AEG - Jun. 2020

    History: The history of this classic power station dates back to the beginning of the 1900s. At this time coal was extracted from a nearby mine. This mine quickly grew out to be quite a successful one so it was decided to expand their operations. This expansion also included a small coal powered...
  2. obscureserenity

    Hungary Kelenföld Control Room - March 2019

      History   Kelenföld Power Plant is located in Budapest and was originally established in 1914, in conjunction with Hungary's electrification program. It was known as one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced throughout Europe and supplied electricity to the entire capital...
  3. Stussy

    Powerstation P - April 16

    Another drive past find on a trip to Italy last year, never seen pics of it, so we called it Powerplant Percy.  It was a sub-station of some sort, but stripped out and not much to see, but it was rather nice inside, so here you have it.             Well there you have it...
  4. ExploringLancashire

    Lostock Power Station, Northwich - August 2016

    History Bowman Thompson & Company originally owned the site but was sold in 1900 to Brunner Mond whom with a seven year closure reconstructed the site producing sixty tonnes of soda ash a day. This figure rose to 800 tonnes a day in 1926 with all of the Brunner Mond assets being turned over...

    Gigawatt Power Station, Belgium - May 2014

    Not a great deal of information on this gigantic abandoned Power Station which is currently undergoing decommissioning. After seeing a couple of reports from some close friends we decided to throw this onto our list for the trip, the first location in fact as an early start seemed appropriate...
  6. Perjury Saint

    GIGAWATT... April '14

    The penultimate site on my last Euro jaunt was this MONSTER... Easy in, splendid weather and I had the place to myself for the morning... Industrial porn of the HIGHEST calibre... BOSTIN!! :thumb Thanks for lookin in :)
  7. Maniac

    Battersea Powerstation, London - Oct 2013

    Yes, it's another Battersea report! Well it had to be done really, I've put it off long enough, what with stories of ruthless security and a guaranteed night in the cells if you got caught, the place being like a maze if you didn't know it well, the chances of actually getting across...
  8. Stussy

    Powerstation IM - July 2013

    Last installment of the Scottish Contingent Belgium adventure. On the last full day we aimed to hit this awesome explore. Being the third of the day we had high hopes of a easy entry and a good ole jolly round here for a couple hours, best way to avoid the blistering heat anyway! First stop...
  9. E

    Great Britain Battersea powerstation - web found - 10/12/08

    Found Landrover setting up their DAF XF mobile test hill in the middle of Battersea powerstation to test / showcase the new freelanders stop / start system. Setting up the course. On the way up. At the top. That's all I've got. lol.