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  1. Landie_Man

    St Saviours Church, Bacup - May 2015

    The weather was soon to turn as Mookie kept telling me. We had faced a host of fails but a host of wins. Our next site was sure to be a gooden… If it was accessible, which it turned out to be so. After arriving in Bacup we searched for a point of access and found one after getting slightly...
  2. Mrbeardo

    St Saviours church - Bacup Feb 15

    Part of the Sell Out Cat Crew (SOCC) outing me and Banned batz visted a church [CENTER]First day of visiting derelict sites of the year, having been here in 2012 and since upgrading camera several times and improving my photography a hell of a lot I thought it was time to see how the church was...
  3. abandoned world

    St. Saviours Church - Oct 2013

    Had a really cool time here. The church was built on Monday the 23rd of January 1865, The architect employed by Mr. Maden Holt was E. Wyndham Tarn of London. The church, 120 ft. long and 53 ft. wide was built in the Early Pointed Gothic style from stone quarried on Mr. Holt's estate with...
  4. Paulpowers

    St. Saviours, Bacup - Sept 2013

    Not sure what to write here, it's a church. It's full of church things and is in quite good condition. I got naked and was going to get a pic of me lay on the coffin stand but someone tried the door before I got the pic, can you imagine getting caught in a Catholic church totally naked.