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  1. Lenston

    Ratgoed Slate Mine - Mid Wales - March 2018

    Visited with The Kwan on a rainy Saturday, some lovely bits left in the area and we missed quite a bit so theres always an excuse for a return visit.   Some History   The name Ratgoed derives from “Yr Allt Goed”, which means the steep, wooded hillside. Ratgoed mine was also sometimes known...
  2. Albino-jay

    Moel Fferna Slate Mine

    One from back In Jan  As the weekend approached, as did another explore for myself @eoa and @monk. Seems we are a good trio of bell ends and something usually goes wrong somewhere down the line and Moel Fferna wasn’t going to let us (or shall I say me) down. Anyway, Myself and @EOA started the...
  3. C

    Belgium Light in the darkness Slate mine..

    Hello all! Time for my second post here.. This time something different again then my previous one. Last Sunday a friend and i had no clue what to do.. So we've left somewhat late in the morning to this "little-big" slatemine, that i still had to visit.. It used to be a bigger mine back in the...
  4. Albino-jay

    Maenofferen Slate Mine Nov17

    This was my first ever trip down a mine. So a massive thanks to @EOA for making it happen and another massive thanks to @monk and his daughter for being excellent guides.  It was bloody awesome, I could've spent all day poking around the sheds at the top tbh. Underground however was just...
  5. Vief

    Belgium Slate Factory - July '16

    This former slate factory started in 1897. In 1995 the factory was closed and it's still abandoned.  1.   2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  6. prettypeculiar

    Slate Factory -2015

    Only 4 pictures made it to the final selection 1. Slate mines by Dafne Op 't eijnde, on Flickr 2 Slate mines by Dafne Op 't eijnde, on Flickr 3 Slate mines by Dafne Op 't eijnde, on Flickr 4 Slate mines by Dafne Op 't eijnde, on Flickr
  7. Lenston

    Rhosydd Slate Mine - North Wales - April 2015

    The Trip Visited with The Kwan An amazing location with so much to see in the area, weather wasnt amazing but just added to the moodyness of the place. This was a reserve location as we couldnt find the other which will be on the return visit. Possibly July there will be a camping trip...
  8. Andy

    Old slate mine (visited 02/2015)

    By chance, I once discovered the access on a hike. Yesterday I went there again to explore it. The complex was not huge inside but still bigger than I had expected. On the internet I could not find any information about the place. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12...
  9. AlanMowbs82

    DINORWIC slate quarry - aug 2014.

    This was the 2nd quarry i visited on this weekend away and all i can say is wow, the place is absolutely huge like nothing ive seen before, i spent 10 hours on site and i dont think i saw even a 3rd of it, didnt get too see any of the low down underground levels as i just concentrated on the...
  10. AlanMowbs82

    Plas dorothea slate mine/quarry - aug 2014.

    This was the first of 2 slate mines/quarry's that i visited this weekend, the scenery blew me away at this place as much as the explore itself, plenty to see here with all the old slate buildings pump houses etc, big lake itself is used by divers and hides alot of the good stuff, the lake is up...
  11. The Wombat

    Abercwmeiddaw slate mine, Corris Uchaf, Wales, Jul14

    Was great to be back hiking in Snowdonia, and although our weekend was focused around hiking & beer, we found ourselves having a quick peek back at this derelict mine near the lovely village of Corris. We stumbled across this a few years back, and I was keen to have a proper look round, and...
  12. Canonfodder

    North Wales Slate mine Part 2 Nov 2013

    Hosting a trip for a small contingency from up North it was time to access the elusive winding station and find the entrance to the mine. The day got off to a bad start after chickens had been routed by fox and I'd had to decapitate injured ones at 5.30 am. Party arrived and we set off to a few...
  13. Canonfodder

    Slate Quarry North Wales (visited Jan 2013) Nov 2013

    In between renovations we took a trip out to one of the many slate quarries. Maenoffren opened in 1800 and by 1861 was knocking out 400 tons of slate a year. At its peak the quarry employed over 420 people, half of whom worked underground. Like every other quarry demand for welsh slate slowed...
  14. oldskool

    Great Britain Slate, slate houses and slate seats.....03-2012

    Ok i was in Manchester looking at these (coz im a geek apparently ) http://ancoatspeeps.com/?p=home 1. 2. 3. Now, in the same area is this..... 4. which ive wanted to see for some years .....so i go on a mooch ,see the front door is open , pop my head inside and see a guy in a...
  15. oldskool

    DOROTHEA slate quarry - August 2011

    The trip....Oldskool and Host, another epic fail turns good... Arrived in Wales early morning (like we do ),took a short walk to find the pump house . I thought to myself this place we be a doddle being so remote , how wrong was i... We spent a good hour and a half looking for a way in , even...