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  1. JohnnyThunderdrone

    Exploring a sawmill forgotten in time

    Hello explorers, today I explore a sawmill from the 50's full of many details, including one of the first jeep vehicles that arrived in Spain, i hope to enjoy.
  2. Z

    Spain Central Termica Power Station - Alcudia, Mallorca - July 2018

    I know this place has been done many times before but it is right up my alley and was a tantalizing temptation whilst the rest of the family slept/swam in the villa pool. Thanks for the tip from a fellow member here. The last report/intel from here was 2014 so it has been a while. Things have...
  3. JohnnyThunderdrone

    Spain Searching for the hidden freaky graffitis in coal colony

    Hi fellas, I explore a mining colony, looking for these graffiti freaks, in the video section, I've shared the video of this place. I hope to enjoy  NOFILTER NOEDITION
  4. JohnnyThunderdrone

    Exploring the squatted orphanage

    Hi fellas, in this abandonment, I find a very particular squatted orphanage:
  5. JohnnyThunderdrone

    I find a fake dinosaur in a big country house

    Hi fellas, a country house with many curious things to see, i hope you enjoy :
  6. JohnnyThunderdrone

    Searching for the hidden freaky graffitis

    Hi fellas, this is the first video post, i hope you enjoy :
  7. Mumi

    Abandoned Mansion in 360º

    Hi mates, I want to share with you the exploration of an abandoned mansion in Spain witha a 360º camera. :)  Move your mouse to see whatever you want in the vid! 
  8. Mumi

    Abandoned textile factory in Spain

    Hi mates, few days ago mi brother and I visited a huge abandoned textile factory sorrounded by nature. Hope you enjoy! :D
  9. Mumi

    Abandoned 1859s hotel

    Hi m8s! This is the last adventure I lived with my brother, exploring and old hotel and some random abandoned houses. Cheers!
  10. Mumi

    Old toys in abandoned house

    Hi everybody! This is a little adventure in a house full of old toys.  :jump Hope you enjoy... :)
  11. Mumi

    URBEX in 360º

    Hi mates! I wolud like to share with you the visit I made to an abandoned coal factory with my new camera, a Samsung Gear 360. Hope you enjoy. :)
  12. Andy

    Casa Masia (visited 07/2016)

    Nothing special. Just a small, abandoned Spanish house beside the road. So only a short stop with a few pics.     1   2   3   4   5   6
  13. Andy

    Spain Villa magnifica (visited 07/2016)

    Built by a count and industrialist in the early 20. century. The Villa included flat and offices. Below the mansion is a church. The path to it was rocky and overgrown with thorny bushes. Unfortunately the church was nearly completely in ruins. My insight: +40°C are definitely too hot for a...
  14. Andy

    Mansión ruinosa (visited 07/2016)

    Once a beautiful building, now in ruins. Unfortunately, with many graffiti (I hate it!), so I've removed it from my photos.     1   2   3   4   5   6   7
  15. Andy

    Iglesia en la colina (visited 07/2016)

    Found while searching on the satellite images from Google Earth. Very bad road to this place, only a bumpy dirt road.     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
  16. Andy

    Iglesia sin Sacerdote (visited 07/2016)

    An abandoned church somewhere in the nowhere of Spain. The door was locked. But in the village I found the holder of the key, who allowed us the visit and taking pictures inside.   Due to the language barrier (he spoke neither German nor English, and I don't speak Spanish) we couldn't talk...
  17. Andy

    Villa Amanecer (visited 07/2016)

    An abandoned villa in Spain, visited in the early morning with MiaroDigital and a non-Forum member. Our hotel was near, so we checked access already the night before. Unfortunately I know nothing about its history.     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  ...
  18. SANGE


      The believer's house, house of sin. Welcome to The Rectory.                     FULL REPORT:    
  19. SANGE


    - TEXTILE XXL - Huge factory, legacy of the first industrial colony of a spanish region, its silence cover the emptiness.                 Full report:  
  20. SANGE

    - MASÍA Nº 20

    Live museum of time for a rural world without present perspectives, its simplicity its is treasure. Welcome to this farmhouse.                         IF YOUR WANT TO SEE THE FULL REPORT, GO TO:  

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