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  1. The Urban Collective

    Great Britain Taxal Lodge school - Photographic Report - 2018

    Taxal Lodge - Photographic Report - 2018 #TaxelLodge Photographic Report - 11th March 2018 Built-in 1904 Taxal Lodge was once the home of Lt. Col. H. Ramsden Jodrell, Who passed away in 1950. The home became a Special School, for disruptive and emotionally disturbed kids that lived on site 5...
  2. Funlester

    The White Lion Pub, Stockport - Aug 15

    Visited with a mate one night last week, bit of a rushed visit. Photos not great as my main touch ran out as soon as got there and left the spare batteries at home, so using my back up light and most photos took one handed so little blurry but wanted to share anyway. Will prob do a revisit as...
  3. Paulpowers

    They Lie, Stockport - Jan 2013

    This is an overflow for the stockport trunk sewer The lid is in the middle of a public foot path but it shifted really easy so once I was in I put it down behind me as best I could There are two large chambers, one for the outfall and on for the processor that are connected by a length of RCP...
  4. Paulpowers

    Brinksway deep level shelter, Stockport - Aug 2013

    I've not been underground for 5 days and was starting to get the shakes, my eyes had adapted to being above ground and my skin was no longer translucent so I had to find somewhere dark and cool to hide from the midday sun As I was in Stockport I decided on Brinksway deep level shelter...
  5. Camera Shy

    Swimming Pool - Stockport July 2013

    A Nice example of an Edwardian Swimming Baths constructed in 1907-8 - Still keeping mostly original features t he baths have been closed since 2005 and are a listed building. Visited solo ..
  6. Paulpowers

    Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter, Stockport - July 2013

    I had intended on going down a couple of drains but the torrential rain had put an end to my plans and left me in Stockport with nothing to do. I've never been happy with my pics from here and I'm still not happy with the pics from the old entrance. [CENTER] There is now a sleeping bag and...
  7. Stussy

    Cherry Tree Hospital, Stockport - July 2013

    A very brief visit here with JFR and Scattergun. Not much too see, was very trashed and only took a couple pics. The hospital was originally built in 1880 and called Dialstone Lane Infectious Diseases Hospital. There is newer ward block on the site which is still in use, but undeterred we...