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  1. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan March 2019

    Solo jaunts. So after Chinese New Year there was yet another public holiday in Taiwan, and you know what that means? More exploring! This here is a compilation of different sites all well known to the exploring network, all very famous but compared to the general benchmark not enough to warrant...
  2. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    大家好! My oh my, how long has it been since I posted a report? Exploring has become a low priority for me ever since I left the UK, even if I've always kept tabs on new sites shared here and on social media. Truth be told learning Mandarin and my lady have taken a much bigger priority in recent...
  3. scrappy

    Chinese Market, Taiwan. Jan 2015

    This was the second site of the day; it was a 20 min walk from the hospital with the second trusty printed out Google map in my hand. On the way over I saw a tea shop so I went in, I very quickly realised they didn’t speak any of the Queens so I pointed at a picture of what was a cold tea...
  4. scrappy

    Xinglin Hospital, Taiwan. Jan 2015

    Not a permission visit. but I had to choose a prefix! haha As you may imagine its not that easy searching for places in a country who's language mostly look like pictures but i did come across this, and track it down while i was over in Taiwan with work. But I'm so glad I did, I really enjoyed...