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urban exploration

  1. B

    USA Help!! Pittsburgh, PA

    I have no idea how to use this site hahah. Anyway I am looking for a place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to explore! Thanks
  2. tdiggle

    USA Abanoned on Lower Patton Road September 2019

    Not much to say about this little abandoned (shack?) place, It looks too small to be residential and it is poor condition. Getting up to the entry point was rough enough but the inside was in rough shape as well. Anyway, enjoy!
  3. Insiders_Project

    Insiders Project Second Episode

    Hello again everyone! We are production crew from Kiev (Ukraine).We make an urbex series called Insiders Project. Not Long ago the second episode of our show came to life and we want to share it with you and hear your opinion! In this episode, we infiltrate the Arsenal factory in Kiev. The...
  4. Insiders Project

    Documentary show about urban exploration. Must see! Insiders Project!

    First episode of a new documentary series about urban exploration. In this episode invasion takes place in the Stalin's skyscraper in Kiev(Ukraine) - the so-called “House with a Starâ€Â. Overcoming difficulties and getting to unforeseen situations, the host with a filming crew passes...
  5. malekphotography

    Birkwood Psychiatric Hospital, Scotland (June 2014)

    Had a great trip up to Scotland for this one with a great bunch of folks. Awesome place, real fun derpex! Hope people like the photos! History Birkwood Hospital was run by Lanarkshire Council for the care of children with severe learning disabilities. Opened in 1923, it provided care for both...

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