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  1. mookster

    Buffalo Malting Corp. - March 2015

    Carrying on my adventures from my first weekend over the ocean, the snow unfortunately made some spots more risky than was normal to go in (the fear of leaving footprints for cops to follow ever present) so me and my Stateside companions fell back on a couple of less risky places to finish the...
  2. mookster

    Double Trouble Churches - NY - March 2015

    There are a lot of churches in America. In a country rapidly losing it's faith at speeds faster than ever this means there are also a lot of abandoned churches. There are at least six in this one city alone, two of which I did last year and I kicked off my 'proper' explores on this trip by...
  3. mookster

    Cutlers Elementary School Oct 2014

    Ever since I started planning my America trip one of the things I had always wanted to see was a big American school, I was entranced by the photos coming out of some of the massive high schools dotted around America most notably Cass Tech in Detroit, sadly demolished a few years back. This...
  4. mookster

    Buffalo Central Terminal Oct 2014

    My last thread today I promise!! Out of all the abandonments in Buffalo the most famous one is by a long way the Central Terminal. It is instantly recognisable as a huge monolithic building and has been used in many films, TV shows etc etc. The main high rise part is very well locked up because...
  5. mookster

    Sacred Heart Church Oct 2014

    What a contrast to Transfig! This church is altogether much more sound, after escaping the imminent collapse at Transfig it was nice to have some solid floors. What we couldn't escape from though was the weather, which was even worse than the day before. The worst weather I have ever explored...
  6. mookster

    Union Carbide Oct 2014

    The next instalment of my upstate New York weekender, and I awoke to lovely crisp chilly sunshine, a total contrast to the absolutely dreadful weather experienced the day before. I quickly got texting my contact who would pick me up after breakfast for an additional day of explores due to the...
  7. mookster

    Transfig Church, Upstate NY Oct 2014

    Another day, another death trap. After we finished at the massive silos we made our way to a more normal derp, a large church which is now in serious disrepair. It's not often I'm in places which are currently falling down, as several large chunks of ceiling plaster crashed to the ground whilst...
  8. mookster

    Silo City, Upstate NY Oct 2014

    As my stay in America rolled into October I headed out of Chicago and Eastwards on an overnight train towards Buffalo, intending on spending the day with a few contacts I had made before I flew across to the States and exploring what the upstate NY city had to offer. Well at least that was the...
  9. mookster

    Gary, Indiana Sept '14

    The last stop on me and my mate's epicly mad sleepless weekender was Gary in Indiana, and by the time we arrived in Gary just before lunchtime on Sunday I had been awake since 5am Friday morning. We would have had more time had I come very very close to losing my bag in Chicago Midway Airport...
  10. mookster

    The Military Hospital Sept '14

    'Hey do you fancy going somewhere completely different for a change?' was the question that was posed to me in August by one of my contacts as I was planning various parts of my America trip out. What eventually unfolded was our absolutely mental no-sleep weekender which involved three flights...
  11. mookster

    Carpet City Power Plant, NY Sept '14

    Ahhhhh that's more like it, back to the sneaky sneaky proper non permission visits ;) Late September brought around what was planned as an absolutely mental weekend of explores, which turned out to be a lot easier said than done as neither me nor my American contact factored in the 'awake for...
  12. mookster

    Lonaconing Silk Mill, MD Sept '14

    [CENTER]First off for avoidance of any doubt I will say this was a permission visit, as are all visits to Lonaconing Silk Mill. The cost of the visit contributes to the never-ending battle of trying to keep this amazing place in one piece, the roof is getting very bad in places and without...
  13. mookster

    American Ice Factory Baltimore Sept '14

    This is a little mini-report more than anything ;) After I was done around DC I headed off northwards to Baltimore to meet up with a contact I'd made on an American forum for the night. I arrived that evening and instead of us sitting around twiddling our thumbs he suggested we go out for a...
  14. mookster

    A Tale of Two Houses, Sept '14

    Those of you awesome enough to have me on Facebook will know the reason I've been absent from the forum for the best part of two months is I've been gallivanting around a sizeable portion of America taking in all sorts of many and varied things, both tourist and of course urbex...well I returned...
  15. (76)

    USA Keystone Psychiatric Center (2013)

    Visited during a road trip across the US late last year. Getting in took plenty of energy and ingenuity but it was well worth the effort! A couple of rooms hosted a very cool graveyard of technology
  16. BolliHotShots

    Hospital Alcatraz, CA - 2013

    Hi, here some impressions from my visit at hospital, Alcatraz, SF, CA from a managed lost place, enjoy the mood:
  17. Nova Wilmoth

    Some more of nebraska..... a ghost town! Oct -2013

    I dont know if this post should go here, because it include a house/ post office and cemetery..... Please forgive me if this is the wrong location. These are unwatermarked because they were taken kind of in a hurry on a really chilly day. This is the town i mention in a previous post... Or...
  18. Nova Wilmoth

    From Nebraska!

    So i said i would try to post these yesterday, but i never got a chance, so i am doing it today! This is one of my favorite places to go! It was so awesome because when i first went there i knew nothing about it. But after i posted the photos on my facebook.... I got some of the history on the...
  19. D

    Abandon Trains August 24, 2013 New England USA

    Few abandon trains a came accross... 2 passenger and 1 dining car More pics to follow.
  20. Doug

    Australian in Europe, USA, Mexico...

    This is from a Cave Clan member from South Australia. I’m not sure if anyone on these forums can help him or point him in the right direction, but his email address is nomadicgreen(at)